And So It Happened

The eve of 21st February is something that definitely should to be talked about. Now having said that I should also mention that the evening was a long one; with a series of events that had me flabbergasted. Those who did attend: we can paste mutual smiles onour faces and toast ourselves for witnessing all that was: Awesome and all that was: Not So Awesome. Those who didn’t: my condolences on your loss.

As most would know that the event comprised of a Carnival for Basant and then the Concert and man, wasn’t it Zabardast?!

Putting it in a word it was: Pakistani.

As a kid I used to watch these Swing boats and Catherine wheels painted in bright glaring colours lined up on the side of the road, with children piling up on it, but never had I graced them. However, I totally chaffed my butt on them on the 21st!! It does come in the awesome part of the evening. And man, was it awesome!?! It totally was. These swings were lined on the entry of TIP and only due to this many forgot the charm of the kites.

These rides were not the one we are accustomed to in Nisar Shaheed Park. For one: they are cheap. And for the other: they come without all the safety gadgets you may think off. If one wants to live through them; grab anything one can get their hands on or else, we might attend one’s funeral.  However, we didn’t attend anyone’s to our (mutual-I hope) delight.

The Swing boat topped my list as I geared up to sit on the extreme end and man- who ever sat there knows- by god I flied. Have you seen Miley in wrecking ball? Just triple the speed and remove the chain. The term best suited: “happily hanging for my life!” After the first bout the fear receded but the excitement did not; so I can safely say that swing is my new ride of choice. Again those who thought of themselves better by not attending: my condolences on your loss.

One other thing that became famous in this occasion were the venom-free snakes. These harmless reptiles were traded like stuffed teddy bears and were photographed so many times that they seemed to have a why- me?! look in photos. Other amusements included kites, handicrafts and let us not forget our only source of nourishment there: Tasty Drinks and Really Tasty Rolls. Good Guy Roll vendor made a lot.

Of course how can we forget the dance!!  There was dancing and there was a great stereo system. People danced like it was there sister’s reception! Was it good?! Hell YES it was!  It definitely comes in the More than Awesome part of the evening.

When I came to TIP many said to me that watch the show when Dane pe Dana plays out, it will blow you they said, it will leave you speechless they said. That day it did play outand-whew– did I not got an eyeful!?! When TIP-ians dance they put every single muscle in it, they literally rock the floor. From far away it will seem like a band of street thugs are fighting but you have to be real close to see the Bromance going on; to see all of them hooting and cheering for each other. And not on Dane pe Dana alone but on all songs that played out; there was something that will make your eyes go wide open for eg: there was a little strip tease (yes, there was!), a luddi, bhangra (of course!) and every other non-arse-grabbing dance you can think of. I should add that this author had a Frigging Flipping Fabulously Fantastic time seeing it. Those who thought that spending a Friday at home was a splendid idea: my condolences on your loss.

The concert, on the other hand, was the part which did let me down a little. As for one, the audience was less. Why people missed it is still a mystery to me but those who did attend- including the Texperts and teachers- thank you, sir/madam, for your time.

However, let me mention here that the ticket was very cheap. Have you eaten a combo deal from McDonalds?! The ticket was cheaper than that. But, bhai, there were some really really beautiful, pretty people who came in with either a Black Ticket or no ticket at all just because they have this stupid notion that they deserve a free slice of somebody’s hard work. Sir, the single word I have for you will be edited by my editor, so I won’t take the pains of mentioning it.

The show started with Gunnah. How much gunnah did they perform is something that cannot be possibly written in a single article-and it is already a long one. They ruined the songs. They did. Their voices had nothing which I want to go home and gossip about. No, I don’t waste my sins like that. Next up was Faisal. One word: Awful. The commentary and his songs made my ears bleed. I wish I had physical evidence but sadly it was more metaphorical than literal. At one point I almost did throw my bottle at him but recycling is something I do believe in. Listening live to Tahir Shah would have been better. Those who didn’t come and think yourselves better for it: Wait-For-It

Because here comes the Young Stunners guy, Talha Anjum. He did perk us up. Some technical problem did occur but he did his best. Karavan came last but man, did they not light the theatre up?!

For Sure, they did!!

Hell yes, they did!!!

They knew how to perform. They had material to perform. They were simply Awesome!! Less than half hour they spent on stage was mind boggling! One word: Asad Ahmed. That is all one can say. Being more of a drum person I had no idea I will suck that electric guitar up. That man did not leave his guitar alone. His long, nimble beautiful fingers played and played, striking one cord after another. It did not stop, the crescendo just built and stepped down. It was music to my ears. It was gold. It was Niagara Falls in a desert. How much I would have given to listen Qaisar doing a solo drumming is something not to be commented on; only felt.  My hands were red by the end of their performance and my larynx raw from screaming. Those who did not attend thinking –I can’t possibly think what: my sincere condolences on your epic- of legendary proportion– loss.

Now that was my take on the Carnival and Concert. But before ending it I want to commend two brilliant people.

First, Mr. Zarrar Zubair. Sir, you came and for that alone I am really thankful. Observing it all with your coat leisurely thrown on your arm, you showed you care. I wish it from all my heart that this institute flourishes under your guidance.

Last but definitely not the least, Mr. Amir Shahzad. I did not once see that man sitting. He arranged it all and he executed it without any sole selfish reason. One could see his work in every part of the occasion; it flowed. Amir Shahzad, for me your event was a success of horrendous proportions. Thank you for it.



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