And the winner is…

The TISF election speeches happened this Monday. Ho hum, how dour they turned out to be. With the two original Presidential candidates being dropped out of the race last minute on Friday afternoon, the position was open to all and sundry, with even unknowns coming in to lay a claim to fame. But come Monday morning, speech day, and in the running were but two, Shehryar Aslam Khan (TS3A) and Imran Ghani (TMM3).

Shehryar is well known for all that weight he throws around, and quite literally so. He is one who is present at most TIP activities, and often even lending a helping hand. And then there Imran, who cuts quite the dashing figure but confuses most as to what he represents. And to clear the air, quite simply, the big one represents the old TISF where things happen the Pakistani way slow, steady and Allah malaik hai style. And understandably so, with all that weight to move. Imran, conversely, is hoped to be the new TISF, energetic, transparent, accountable, and systematic. And dashingly so.

As for the other positions, Hilal Afridi is coming uncontested as General Secretary with his only claim to fame being chief organizer of TMM2’s Strings and Mizmaar Live in Concert. And not a meager claim it is, as the success of the concert showed us all. Then again “what is the problem, yaar!

For Sports Secretary, we have Syed Kamaluddin (TMM2) and Hammad Siddique (TMM2). Both great sportsmen, both extremely involved in all sporting activities at TIP, its tough to see who is the better main. As a team they work the best, and its hoped both will stay active no matter who wins.

For Finance Secretary we have the previously uncontested Usman Walha (TMM2) and the new contester Mohammad Ahsan (TDT2). Both are inexperienced in financial matters, and both have yet to bring any money in form of sponsorships to TIP, but both claim to have planned a bountiful next year for us. Quack! Online has placed their money on Ahsan, as he said he’ll finance Quack’s hosting bill for a year!

For Publications Secretary, we often wonder is that position is even necessary. Don’t publications require editorial-ship, with the ‘publication’ part being a by-product? And why secretary? Is that like saying ‘come be my editor, I’ll be your secretary and act as your stenographer?’ Quack! strongly believes that our publications should be editorially independent, that Talking Textures needs to be split into two separate magazines;

  1. one an college student life magazine (like Whoppie on steroids) targeted to the student body here and outside,
  2. and the other a serious technical publication targeting the textile professional.

The current ‘mix’ just doesn’t quite cut it. Surprisingly, while the previous two TISF had discussed this idea in their speeches, the current PS candidates had no mention of it. They did talk of ‘passion’ and ‘devotion,’ but what about of our publications? By the way, Adil Marvi (TS2A), writer of the hugely popular Elementary Date play, winner of Best Concept at the IBA Cross Roads Theatre Festival, and Nida Khan (TDT2) are contesting for the post.

And finally we have Social Secretaries, arguably the most hotly contested post for next year’s TISF. Unaiza Raza (TDT2), Mariyam Binte Ahmed (TS2A), and Ayesha Chacha (TDT2) were in a literal cat fight to win the contested seat, each promising to make this post worthwhile. And worthwhile it will look on their resumes.

Because that’s what it’s ultimately about!

3 Replies to “And the winner is…”

  1. I m amazed dat da most experienced and useful man (Abid Omar) isn’t standing for the president, who has done enough work for TIP & TISF. He is the real guy who can only change the TISF from what it is rite now and if u r talking about IMMI, he isn’t the right candidate for this post. I don’t know y don’t abid’s gathering support him for this post, i think it shows that no one wants better for TISF, every one wants his own fame and popularity.

  2. Why, thank you for your faith in me, Depp. And thank you for actively expressing your opinion on Quack! It’s nice to know that others also C.A.R.E.

    About my coming for TISF President, that was an option which was considered. But sadly, just like Ali Raza Merchant, I too am disqualified from standing for that post. And thus I fully support Imran Ghani as our man for the job. With Immi as TISF President, I am confident that the Imran-Ali-Abid panel will take the TISF to new heights. You see, it’s not about the man you’re voting for. It’s about his policies, his agenda, his manifesto. And his agenda is ours.

    As the saying goes, if you want to vote for me, then go ahead and vote for Immi! Cause he’s our man and if he can’t do it, no one can!

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