Annual Dinner 2007

The Annual Dinner for the graduating class 2007 is being held on Saturday June 02, 2007 @ 7.45pm onward at the Bin Qasim Campus.

The Program

Time Event Presenter

7:45 Qirat Saqib (Amm1)

7:50 Welcome Address Saiq Lakhani (TS3)

7:55 Designer Dedications (19 Students) Arsalan & Bilal (TS2)

8:25 TISF 2005/06 Certificates Dr. Hafeez-ur-Rehman

8:30 TISF 2006/07 Certificates Dr. Zubair Bandukda

8:35 President TIP’s Speech Dr. Zubair Bandukda

8:45 TISF Oath Taking Ceremony Ather Ali Khan

8:50 Graduating Class Speech Aabiya Ahmed

8:55 Tribute Video M. Ali Hakeem

9:00 Dinner Amir Rajput

9:45 Entertainment Hijab / Grad Class / DJ

11:45 Departure



Four points are arranged to run on their regular routes for the following localities:

1. Askari III-Clifton-Defence (1 bus)

2. Paposh Graveyard-North-F.B.Area (1 coaster)

3. Nazimabad-North-Nagan (1 coaster)

3. Jail Road – Gulshan – Jauhar (1 bus)

4. Tower-Garden-ShaheedeMillat (1 bus)

These points will initiate their timings from 6:00pm

People residing in Gulshan Hadeed need to come on their own transport.

There is a ticket attached to this year’s Annual Dinner, priced at Rs.300/- per person, this is being charged to the Faculty, Staff and Alumni wishing to attend this year’s event. This charge covers the cost of the catering only. Only current students are exempt from the charges.

Tickets will be available from the Bin Qasim campus (between 9am to 4pm) and the City Office on THURSDAY and FRIDAY between the timings of 9am to 7pm only. To ensure adequate arrangements for the event, FRIDAY is the LAST day for the sale of tickets.