Apology from Omer Khan

An apology from Omer for insulting the President. He was enraged on maligning his name. 

An Apology to the President:

The President of TIP, Humayun Zafar felt as some of the things I wrote in previous article were disrespecting to him, I would like to make it clear that as he is an elder and in place of a respectable teacher it wasn’t my intention to be offending and If I was then  I apologize to him for it.






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  1. I went through Omer’s article just now. Although articulation, formulation and usage of words could have been on a compromising side, yet there was nothing offensive to read about Mr. Zafar. Quack has been an independent voice of students at TIP, whether it be about academics, curriculum, teaching or any topic. Posting an apology over an open article will undermine the ideology of having an online newletter. However, this shall be the point to ponder for Mr. Zafar, and the long standing faculty of TIP (including acting Dean, student counselor, Alumni coordinator) that students are scared to voice their concerns just as the way we used to do in past. A reason may be, to re-allign and sort out priorities and save the essence of this beloved institute.

    Ali kazmi
    Batch 2007

  2. sir sorry to say you are our elder but now you are on wrong track omer khan didn’t mean to hugs fan that was huge means extremely large not a hug but that was not good to threat your students( I can sue you ) you said that even she didn’t talk about our management and its our freedom to talk what ever we felt we know we are (jokers) according to you but you asked to meera what is your GPA she said 3.94 your reaction was unbelievable ye kese ho skta hai ab dekhty hain kese ate hai !! what is this? sorry what i m writing but TIP ko destroy kea ja raha hai

  3. Guys dont take it on your nerves… though this is an independent forum.. it dosent requir any of the apologie,president should make himself good enough so that no one can say a wotd against him.

  4. yaar meera, dukh hua sun kr :p
    PS: TIP ko school kab banengay? 😀 :p Desperately waiting :p

  5. My dear Students, this is an open forum, but open forums do have a code of conduct, if you start washing your dirty linen in public, then imagine for a second what would become of TIP?
    TIP is your institute, Meera confronted me and defied me, so I had to ask for her CGPA, there are however norms for voicing your concerns in an open forum like this, but you should use it for positive reasons, none of you are commending on my right moves, but as a matter of criticism, you guys are at the forefront, but if I ask you to do something for the institute, most of you will come up with some excuses, but you will definitely be the first ones to criticize.

    One guy says that do what ever you like no need to apologize, for bad conduct & behavior, so he is already given you a carte blanche.

    I think our Alumni is matured enough to put some sense in the minds of freshees and the current student body, as we have a strong alumni, and I am in touch with them on a constant basis, as there are certain students, whom I had taught also.

    But if this kind of behavior such as venting your personal grutches against the management, would continue, then I am afraid that the very sanctity of this forum is comprised in the hands of some, who want to destroy the institute & its reputation, just to serve their personal agendas & self interest.

    We all should abide by the code of ethics in writing posts, so that the feelings of others are not hurt. I personally am the last person to bad mouth against my very own students, as I have a deep sense of ownership towards them, but on the contrary if you expect an overnight change, so my answer is simple that Rome was not built in a day.

  6. Hasan says that President should make good enough, I ask of what? As if he is the only guy, who is Doodh ka dhula!

  7. I just had to re read the pervious article and say there was nothing offensive written against MR . Zafar .what ever written in the pervious article is pretty straight to the point and is the BITTER TRUTH whether the students agree or they don’t , and the WHOLE of the student body knows this . In addition would love it if students are not judged based on there oulook how can you judge a book by its cover ? here at tip ,INDIVIDUALLY EVERYONES BRIGHT IN THERE OWN WAY .

  8. @Ali kazmi Thank you very much for your feedback sir, the huge concern our alumni has for TIP and students of TIP gives us hope even in the darkest of times.

    @ALEENA IQBAL thank you for the support,
    and I’d just like to make it clear that I haven’t taken back anything said in the previous article and I still believe in every single word that was written in it, I have been a writer my whole life therefore my words are my greatest asset, if I start taking back my words I’ll be left with nothing.

  9. As for the comments by Mr.president, the only thing that i CAN say, for now, is about where he says

    “if I ask you to do something for the institute, most of you will come up with some excuses”

    sir, I really hope u won’t get offended by this too but… this was just a baseless assumption, Just ask us anything as long as its for betterment of TIP and dekhain TIP ke liye kya kya karne ke liye tayyar hain ham.

  10. Sorry to Say Mr. President, but this article made me go through the previous article just to see what made you think that you require an apology. Firstly Meera or Omar didn’t meant to offend you, I guess voicing their thought isn’t as bad as you have made it sound, secondly what kind of teacher or president are you calling your own university student joker? And this act of yours have clearly shown that you don’t have any interest in student’s life, what do you want to actually make them? Have you even seen the industry? Students like Meera and Omar are those which are needed in Textile Industry and yes! I can say this because I work there! I know what the industry wants!

    TIP was going through a loss for some time now! But this year it’s being only discussed because of the lack activities, bad teacher and administration/management, so why don’t you work on it before calling students in your room just to call them joker, ask there GPA and then say “ab dekhta houn kaisay ati hai yeh GPA!” Now where is the professionalism Sir?

    And thirdly you say TIP Alumni is mature enough to put some sense in the current students, being an alumni I would like to say that this is no way, Sir, to stop a student from doing what they want! The current passing batch is not being liked by the industry! So before stopping Omar or Meera and many other students from their bold steps you should take into thinking how TIP’s previous batches were and what the industry wants!

    And above on the comment you pointed out Mr. Hassan “dhood ka dhula” with due respect, He is an Alumni too and this is the way you treated him, this is how you treat an Alumni whom you think are mature and respectable?

    Before pointing out the students and giving them a warning you should please look into the complete case. I believe you haven’t given them chance to explain what happen!!

  11. With due respect to my elders and Mr. President , but TIP is a university not a school where students are to be forced to do everything accordingly and obligations are laid on them.

  12. Dear Mr President,

    I’m really happy to see your concerns towards the comments on quack and for the reputation of TIP.

    I’ve been a part of Tip for four years now and I’ve done more then enough to raise the name of our institute on many platforms. In your fresh days at TIP I proposed you a plan to make a platform under the guidance of our talented teachers for the participation of students in co curricular activities where students should be motivated and appreciated on doing such activities. I think our management forgot about it.

    As far as the jobs are concerned our students lack knowledge and that knowledge comes from our faculty. If the majority of the students lack such knowledge its obvious that our faculty is unable to transfer the knowledge.

    If you say Comments on quack, criticism on your name and many other things are wrong then please concentrate on the maintenance of TIP’s bathrooms, our dying sports, level of studies and student’s interests in co curricular activities these things are much more important then our reputation on quack. We pay a a lot of fee for our studies and activities. You’re right Rome was not built in a day but if not a day then a month, a year ? How long?

    Dear sir, we all know that you’re mature enough to support this kind of criticism cause this criticism has always brought change and awareness in TIP. Asking for apology from a student on a forum like QUACK ? I’m really sorry sir but i don’t see any maturity here. The words I heard which you used against the editor. Its SAD.
    Allow me to clear on more thing that the EDITOR of the quack only has the authority to approve the received comments. If the editor will receive a comment from the email of TIP with the name of the president its very obvious that he/she will approve it. But the selection of words you used against our editor regarding her GPA and character has cleared many things.

  13. I believe in an open door management policy, and I invite those who are really concerned to give me positive suggestions with the solutions, as we have had enough criticisms about the management & the faculty in the past, if you think there are certain faculty members who can really help you please coordinate with them and lets tackle the ground realities, one by one.

    Kindly remember, that we have financial constraints at TIP, and this is something which is not new, now the time for action has arrived.

  14. Dear Mr. President I would like you to ask below few questions to yourself and analyse if you are doing right or wrong in the supreme interest of our institute i.e TIP because you are elder and have such an experience which I think other faculty members at TIP do not have. Student nature is rebellious , if you hold them back they will show more resistance which is not good for them as well. You should listen to them and give them space as this is not a Man vs Wild show. But, I am shocked with the vocabulary you are using and threatening your students which is alarming. Those students should send you legal notice for that and yes Maleeha is very right. Industry doesn’t need graduates like the ones you want them to be in their academic life. If you want your students to wear harnesses so please do not expect that they will conquer the world after graduating. They are not prisoners and you ain’t any Jail warden. Please try to build healthy environment otherwise same will happen again.

    Here are those few questions:

    Think about what you say to the students in your institute.

    Are you constantly bombarding your more challenging students with requests to do something?

    Do you find yourself constantly asking students to stop doing what they are doing?

    As, no one likes being badgered and pestered, and your students are no exception.

    Some suggestions…..

    Try to find a time or place when you can have positive discussion with the problem student.

    Notice and mention the positive behaviors they exhibit.

    Remind yourself that even if a challenging student appears unresponsive to your requests, she is hearing the messages that you are giving her. Her responses may not change her immediate behavior but may matter in the long term.

    Please feel free to ask for an apology from me if you think I offended you in this comment.


    Muhammad Haseeb Khan
    Class of 2009

  15. WOW!!
    one day I see a student writing his heart out and the very next day he is apologising to the president of the Institute on an independent public forum for God knows what since there’s nothing bad said about the president anyways.
    I have been seriously considering joining TIP along with some friends of mine for design but after seeing this I don’t think I would join or recommend my friends an Institute where students are pressurized by the management or president or whatever for speaking out there minds as if the Institute is being run by a dictatorship. Seriously disappointed by this.

    This is clearly no way to deal with the situation. The president should be man enough to take it and not make it an ego issue. You cant expect people to like you and say things to please YOUR self esteem. Students have the right to speech and this particular ‘president’ is depriving them of the so called ‘freedom to speech’

    A friend of mine from TIP shared this and I clicked on it out of Curiosity.

  16. Public apologies? Oh dear… I remember back in my days I never apologized for teh shit I threw at people… and neither did those people ever expect me to apologize. What has become of TIP?

  17. TIP has become a school where we treated like waha betho ye kea kar rahy ho kea pehna hai kese bethy ho even ab to jasoos chory ja rahy hain even president came to check how some people are getting 3.94 GPA and the person i m not going to tell his name some people will get the idea sar pe he khara ho gea how is she getting 3.94 my sweet sister is bar scholarship bhol jao =P

  18. Very strange! and rather astonishing comments being exchanged….

    I would never had expected people like Irfan Hussain Sb, Shakel Ahmad or Dr. Zubair responding like this…(if the response is genuinely coming from the president’s seat)

  19. And they claim that these idiots are upgrading TIP. Just look at the new job ad of TIP, there is no contact email is given. Even NO faculty for spinning and weavingare aasked to apply. Lately there is no such faculty for these fields. The results are delayed first time in the history of TIP just coz of some lame excuses. The program coordinators are inneffecient. Oh, such a misery TIP is going through coz of part-time Dean whose commitment is more towards public relationing and social media. Such personal can’t put TIP back to its glory, I bet. ????

  20. All I get from the previous posts is that God bless my TIP. The new Dean specially is a person with childish approach. I experienced it personally during last semester when I visited his office for approving leave but he behaved like an immature person. I do not know who hired him, he has taken not a single step towards the betterment of TIP.

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