April Fools Joke Goes Haywire


Your intrepid reporter at Quack! Online witnessed a student trying to set of a fire alarm near the Design Studios this April 1st. The student furiously attacked the alarm again and again, but to no avail. Finally a small red light came on inside, and the student fleed from the scene.

When confronted with his crime, the student confessed saying “it was only a April Fools joke. But apparently the fire alarms don’t work, so maybe you should have that looked into.”

And what if a real fire breaks out? Its time our adminstration look into this, and what of fire drills, emergency evacuations, and the like?

Fire drills are important exercises and provide an opportunity for Fire evacuation plans for University Buildings and personnel to be developed, confirmed or modified if necessary. Fire Drills also give the opportunity for University personnel who have specific duties during the course of fire evacuation to exercise their duties and report any problems they may encounter.

UK Health and Safety on Fire Drills

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  1. i was at the scene of the crime when this happened… the admin should look into this.what if a fire breaks out .. maybe then we can have a decent bar b q

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