On 5th may, 2010, an art competition was held at Textile Institute of Pakistan. It was organized by literary society. It took place at tip’s design lobby. The location was neatly bejeweled with exquisite paintings and sketches. The time period for the competition was 45 minutes. All the participants were provided with papers, pencils, erasers and boards. Three different themes were given 1) who am I? 2) Tsunami and 3) Hum say hai zamana sara and participants had to choose one of them and make an artwork related to it.

The fun begun when the time for sketching was started. I saw some of my friends from TDT doing some diamond painting and decided to sit with them; we did loads and loads of fun appreciating and criticizing each other’s sketches.  First I selected theme number three but it did not work out the way I wanted to it. It was really hilarious thinking about concepts again and again and coming up with something new. In the end finally I got the idea and I worked over it with great determination thinking that my final piece would rock but only the result will tell the truth. Anyway the time was up and students who did not participate in the competition gathered at design lobby to have their own version of fun which included signing out the artworks, making fun of artworks and etc. Later all the pieces were hung on the wall. Mr Munawar and Mrs Saira Danish Ahmed were the judges who called out every participant to explain them about their concept.

Nevertheless the arte challenge was really refreshing and fun. I congratulate and thank Rameez Ahmed Khan (TS4), Haneeya Maryam (TMM2), Tauseef Haider (TMM2), Amna Khan (TDT3), Areeba Akhtar (TMM2) Adil Farid (TS4) and Mohsin Butt (AMM2) for organizing this event. The results will be announced very soon and the prizes will be given to the first three best pieces. I wish all the best to all the participants, keep your fingers crossed till the result comes.

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  1. Ya u r right Danish it really was..I am anxiously waiting for the results to come………

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