Artists Vs. Designers

Always thought that we belonged to the same family………but hah, we are not even STEP, forget about being blood relatives!!! WE used to go hand in hand but you broke my heart and now my world is completely reloaded. If you are from Venus, then I don’t exist in this galaxy!!!

Lost in the paradigm of art and design and always wondering if we were of the same farmland but, no, we need totally different fertilizers and a totally different land to grow!!! A lot of people believe that an artist is the dreamer and the creator, dream for the sake of dreaming BUT a designer is asked to dream for the sake of making that dream a reality……he is invoked to be inspired but an artist on the other finds inspiration!!! but why can’t be a designer an artist?? just because a designer work for the sake of the market and not for his own soul !!! and is the artist…..the only one living a free life? and enjoying a life of total mind and soul composure?


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  1. so true…its really hard for a textile designer to justify where dis motif/design/ art work/came from!!….i never really understood da whole concept of “taking inspiration from” (as if we lack brains n skill to come up wid it on our own) and i cant understand why do we constantly need to modify da deign n make it more ACCURATE even if da 1st image of it looks amazing….”is mai kuch aur ho sakta hai…aur varaiation lao…options banao”…im so not fond of it!…a design shud also be appreciated in its natural or raw form…instead of creating a thousand options of it n destroying its originality…but alas..da ist design u create will alwaysss, alwayss be ur 1st sketch or incomplete drawing for them!

  2. yes come on……take out your frustration here 😛
    truly said rashida……we are turned down and not appreciated for the first piece we create and den ultimately we start losing the charm of what is call “a true hearty master piece”!!!

  3. Well…..for me….when i was in your state(student life) i also had the same thoughts which you named as frustration…but once you gt over with all ths things and when u find urslfs in practical world..this practice will definitely help you to convince your costumers with the variety of designs. It gives you the strength to create the things which is in your client’s mind . your first design might b gud….bt thr s always a chance of progress in any thing.

    As far as the designer and artist’s debate concern…….m not agree with this statement. Designer is an artist in itslf…..infct they can do far better then any artist. its just the matter of your capability, command over the medium, concept and critical thinking towards our concepts which allows you to execute the things as you imagine them.

  4. If I’m designing something, I’ve usually been given a problem to solve. How can I fit all this motif on this particular scale? How can I make this motif or design seem more contemporary? How can I make this composition feel elegant? What colors best express luxurious, or edgy, or suave? etc. etc.

    If I’m making artwork, I’m usually trying to ask a question, either of myself or of an audience. Why does this subject make me uncomfortable? What makes me happy? What makes you sad? What do you think about this issue? What happens if I combine Vangogh’s brushwork with Jasper Jhons’s subject matter? What hasn’t yet been asked?

    The processes of the two can be quite similar, the results may look quite a bit alike, both are done for an audience and often for money. But despite all that, they function much differently. Design solves problems. Art asks questions.

  5. but for the fact a Designer can be an Artist but an Artist can’t be a Designer. so yeah Designer Rocks…!! 😀

  6. B CrEaTivE……:s
    dont copy paste…:/
    kuch naya lao jo aj tak ksi ne na daikha ho….
    BEaUtifULllLl bhe ho….:s:s
    actuallyyyyyyy……v r not a designer or artist ..v are ROBOT……:@

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