Attitude Problem

We all have attitude, we all react in different ways in different situations, and we all give preferences to certain things over others. According to Oxford dictionary, attitude means a way of feeling, thinking or behaving in certain circumstances. Attitude can also be defined in terms of physiology, Attitude is a hypothetical construct that represents an individual’s like or dislike for an item. But my argument is about the special type of attitude called “attitude problem” or in other words a psychological problem.

As per my philosophy, the journey from an innocent childhood to the self actualization level comprises of three stages. The very first stage is referred to as childhood in which an individual is not aware enough of his/her existance, goals, priorities and most importantly, is not aware of his/her relationships. I do not regard childhood as an attitude stage since a number of transformations are taking place in an individuals mind and he/she is more focused and curious about the things around him/her rather than settling up of his/her personality traits. Second stage is the teenage in which a person considers him/herself a grown up and holds different views about various aspects, relationships and theories of life. A teenager is thirsty for importance, consideration, encouragement and affection from his/her fellows as well as from seniors. Since an individual is often seen searching his/her soul and roaming through his/her mind to locate some personality traits, there are very slight chances that he/she will be showing attitude among his/her mates. Now readers, here comes the most dangerous stage called the young age where most of the people are regarded as horses having fresh and strong minds. A youngster after identifying his/her goals and priorities founds him/herself in a new world where he/she can fly and discover new boundaries and horizons. As I have already declared the youth age as the very correct age for attitude formation, this attitude can sometimes become a serious problem. What usually happens is when a person start getting importance and ecouragement, he/she gains a required amount of confidence and self esteem but at the same time when this importance exceeds the required amount, people are seen showing attitude and having superiority complex.

Some of the behaviors exhibited by these kind of people includes considering his/her juniors inferior and ignoring their juniors point of views, ideas and friendship proposals. This attitude also affects their seniors also and these kind of people don’t even considers their seniors and elders very smart persons and rejects their views regarding on various situations and amazingly when it comes to those people who are poor and less educated, these attitude filled people do not even like to talk with them. The attitude problem is most commonly observed among top movie and drama stars, bureaucrats, politicians, high profile managers, top militiary commanders and also in different educational institutions where those students who gains more importance and encouragement start behaving like very reserved persons who only loves to make friends upto their level of merit and understanding plus boycotting their juniors is also a sign of attitude havoc.

Islam clearly declares that no one is superior to any one on any basis except on his/her spiritual deeds. Considering any one inferior and less influencial on the basis of race, origin, sect, merit and knowledge is a commendable thing which is stricly opposed by our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) as well. Now, to sum up all this, the only suggestion I have got to tackle with these kind of people is to stop giving importance, time and encouragement to them and boycotting them socially as well. This is what I considers a nice way to burst up the ego balloon and according to a famous Pakistani poet Amjad Islam Amjad, he always have a cup of tea with his teenage friends whenever he realizes that any type of attittude or ego is ripening in his mind.

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  1. psychological problem.
    is the Real sentance of this topic, iam fully agree with Mr.Rameez khan and give me chance to say that :we are product of our past: so in child hood parents behaviour and attitude toward their companion and youngers are also a big factor in attitude problem of new genration so all parents to take care of their attitude.
    Thanx Mr.rameez to discuss this problem

    Tanveer khan

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