AZME ALISHAN, a great step towards a better Pakistan!

By Bushra Khalid Syed

About Azme Alishan
“70 years ago the idea of Pakistan was born in Lahore. Today it appears that we have reached a crossroads in our journey. Azme Alishan is an invitation for all Pakistanis to celebrate our real identity, culture and values, and to challenge negative images of our country around the world.”(Source:

As all of you can observe, Pakistan is in a very critical situation these days. Everybody knows that and everyone can understand that. It is the time we should take active steps to save our identity. It is all about now or never!

There is an urgent need of an active practice. If you really want to do something for Pakistan then do not waste your time. I want to make you aware of a great movement, which involves such great activities and campaigns that can be very helpful for a brighter future of Pakistan. It is the one and only ‘AZME ALISHAN’, an open invitation to celebrate being a true Pakistani. Its main aim is to save our identity and to create a positive image of Pakistan around the world.

‘AZME ALISHAN’ is undergoing many activities and events that are encouraging every Pakistani to be confident about their land and their true cultural values.

I suggest you to be an active part of AZME ALISHAN!