Back to school … oh sorry i meant university.

It’s already the second week of classes *If you count the Eid holidays that is* of the NEW academic year in TIP and needless to say, everyone’s either absolutely thrilled *haha* about it. Or at least they are acting like it. *ab tau rona aata hy*
The second years are trying to enjoy being a senior, the third years are wishing and hoping it gets better, the fourth years are doing whatever it is that fourth years do before thesis starts and lastly the FIRST years, the becharay freshies are probably lost somewhere between, excited, terrified and a serious case of ‘what have I done to myself’ We all know because, been there done that yo!

Anyways there have been some really big changes around here. A lot of new faculty members have joined our ship, some very old and very renowned people *design walay* have left, then three’s the new batch which according to a lot of people from faculty is one of the BETTER batches we’ve had In past some years *ham main kaantay lagay thay kya? :'( *, so we’ll just wait and see how true that is, we are also waiting to see what the recently elected TISF has in store for us, will it have some success to ‘make TIP great again’ or will it end up being a disappointment, and this year also has in store for us what seems to be TIPs favorite thing as of late, RESTRICTIONS AND RULES! AND EVEN MORE RESTRICTIONS AND RULES!! YAYY!

From the impending social media ban rumors, the countless messages and huge ‘ragging is banned’ posters *not so new but more on that later*, the good old Hostel stay/ ‘night events’ ban *qaumi khel ban gaya hy ye tau TIP ka* and some other ‘bans’ that were supposed to be but haven’t been initiated … YET, so this year is looking to be a tough one but hopefully things will get better down the road.

Also I’d like to give the freshies a very warm welcome and let them know that this is a platform open to everyone so they can say and talk about ANYTHING TIP related at all, so whether you’re having trouble adjusting in TIP or there’s something else bugging you, Just write about it and send it to me and voila! you’ll feel instantly better … jk you won’t, you’ll probably still go through that ‘adjusting period’ but hey at least you’ll be putting it out there and that really counts for something so yeah jokes aside I really hope and wish your stay here is as awesome as you expected. Cheers.

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  1. Okay Omar. You actually explained what really is going these days.
    Yes hoping to see some positive things around!

  2. Hi, i Am an alumini and from the 5th batch… yeah really old.. if u wanna judge me by the amount of hair loss… i was at TIP 2 weeks back to wellcome the freshmen.. it seemed good and very bad too. Saw some bright stars but what was disheartening to see was a clipped tisf and really controlled student representative body.

    Back in our days, quack was a weekly affair and it was fun looking for stories, at times it was difficult to find few too. But now it seems to be a monthly affair.

    Than i heard that for the post of the president there is a scrutiny criterea and who gets the military nod he/ may i say she??? … can only contest for that sacred post. Why is that???

    Publication secretary doesnt exist anymore and there is no sign of the annual magazine either. In our days we did 2… the reqular mag and whoopee if a copy still exists in the library record.

    I am afraid i can keep on writting but i guess its enough for now…

    1. Hello sir and thank you for commenting and i think i remember you, since i was there as well.

      And i think most of the people would agree with what you said about ‘clipped TISF’. the interviews, not just for the post of president but for all the three posts, started this year as well and it came to us just as much of a shock too because TISF has always been and should be an independent body. otherwise the faculty/management interfering in TISF issues and candidates basically just kills the purpose of having a student body and also shows distrust that the student voters cant be trusted to elect their own representatives without ‘help’.
      Also for publications this, along with many other things that SHOULD be but are not will hopefully get better by the end of this year.

      As for Quack online, we are trying to get it back on track and make it the statement it is supposed to be and inshAllah it will become a weekly affair once again.

      Thank you once again for your valuable feedback.

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