After many controversies, disapprovals, de-marketing and rejections finally Textile Institute of Pakistan celebrated its mega event of the year 2010 on 9th April. Basant and concert were the two parts of that evening. Basant started at 4:00 pm and lasted till the start of the concert. I came across a stall selling tickets for ballet shows in the same place for the next week, and I took a couple passes. The weather was perfect with cool winds blowing, that shows the perfect planning. There was a kite stall and a chaat stall. People flew kites and ate chaat. Later the huge number of crowd was gathered when a surprise was given to the people by TISF came true; STING (an energy drink) team came to TIP and offered free energy drinks to all the people present over there and large amount of the drinks were consumed by the people. The dinner stall started selling chicken Tikka, roll (beef and chicken) at about 7:30 PM.

As the clock began to show 8:00 people started forming lines and gathered at the amphitheater to indulge them with the concert. Many students which were not the official members of TISF took part in checking and organizing the event. The location of concert was Amphitheater. It was adorned exquisitely with glistening lights which sparkled in many different shades throughout the band performances. The concert started with an underground band “THE ASHES”. They sang all the songs really well, the crowd enjoyed a lot. But the main attention of the event was the performance of Karavan band which everybody was anxiously waiting for. When they performed, everybody got lost in their beats.

Large numbers of people was dancing crazily, were doing karaoke with the band and were reveling. They sang many songs and the people kept dancing and dancing. When Karavan was about to end their performance people literally shouted and begged for once more. They ended the evening with a local yet mesmerizing song “Dama-dam-mast-kalandar”. It was really nice to see that the people who were not in the favour of the concert enjoyed the event at their best. The crowd turnover was very great; more than 350 people came in the concert which included tremendous amount of texperts and outsiders. Nevertheless, the event was no doubt a roof-raiser. I congratulate all the team of TISF and unofficial members who took part in organizing this event without any benefit and making this evening unforgettable for us.

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  1. On behalf of city campus students we all really enjoyed this event.And we appreciate all the members of organizing committee but our special appreciation to one and only one person who fearlessly bear every hurdle, took this big responsibility and organize this mega event despite of all the demarketing, cancellations and other demotivating factors.I hope u understand, yes ppl we should really appreciate our TISF president who is the man of that event. Agar wo na hota to Concert na hota . We love you and we are proud of you. God bless you

  2. wow wow……that was a great mega event, I appricite the TISF president who worked alot for it…

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