Between walls and public restrooms

The government of Pakistan has decided to break down all the walls in the nation because people all over the country are spewing excrement over them. This has become a major cause of concern for the government with related incidents increasing at an explosive rate as the population rises. It is believed that people routinely use walls to dump excrement, hence removing them should solve the problem.

A spokesperson stated “Not only does it smell and look bad, it also goes against our values when men and women are seen dumping on and around walls. Our behavior portrays a negative image of Pakistan, especially to foreign viewers”

Give me a break!

Should the government just go ahead and impose bans on grounds of ‘Sacrilegious Content,’ or let people debate to defend their opinion? Everything has pros and cons. Be it the internet, TV, radio, or a private gathering. Restricting access to the internet will only limit us from knowledge. I’m bad with names and not in the mood to search, but that Pakistani kid who scored a record number of A’s in his A-level exams said in an interview that he used Youtube, to study for exams.

Our people need to be given knowledge to decipher between right and wrong so they can consciously make choices, hopefully, towards betterment. Imposing decisions on them will only redirect frustrations. Those who want to cross over will do so and those that ‘have’ to pee have no choice but to do so, regardless of impositions. I can already see some people from Pakistan on Facebook via nifty online tools and I’m sure those who want to use Youtube and other sites whether for education or porn will find ways to do so.

Whatever the reason for the ban, it is certainly not for what they claim. I refuse to believe that there are all completely daft idiots sitting up there. Someone or the other must have thought this out and would have spoken. I’m not even certain if there’s a point in me writing about this. I guess it’s just my way of putting in my two bits.

The situation is complex but I know this for sure. It’s a bad decision to have restricted Pakistan’s access to the internet and we must do our bit to have it reverted. Building public restrooms might be a better way keep the walls clean than by getting rid of them altogether.

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  1. “whether for education or porn”… hasn’t porn been the cornerstone of modern day internet? and yeah imposing a ban is not the way this problem or any other problem should be handled, social education is what is required regarding these matters. Although I would support some sort of content filtering regarding the afore mentioned… if someone wants that stuff too badly atleast make him work for it… we might just get lucky and produce some internet security experts 😛

  2. A crude example but relevant nevertheless. The era when Zia during his national whitewash campaign put bans on one of the world’s oldest professions; prostitution, was when it blossomed most prolifically, penetrating in every neighborhood of the society. Bans are old school and almost never work, they just result in agitation, frustration and death of thought. Stats show that Marijuana consumption in USA shot up the moment it got banned.

    Evil shall never cease to exist. We might as well learn to manage ourselves rather than shutting our eyes and ears pretending there’s nothing wrong with us. Betterment shall follow.

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