Those who read the last article would know that it made a lot of negative ruckus around TIP; mostly around TISF. The president TISF came to me and blatantly told me that my information was wrong.

The preamble around the changed constitution is that after the election of 2013 the constitution was changed with the authority of TISF and Dr. ZubairBandukda. The constitution that I posted was the one due to which Amir Shahzad was made the President. So the Elected TISF started working with respect to the new constitution.

The constitution in authority changes- as proclaimed in my last article that Amir Shahzad is not the President- to that AMIR SHAHZAD WILL REMAIN THE PRESIDENT TISF UNTIL HIS LAST THREE WEEKS OF TIP after which he has to hold elections so that the NEW ELECTED BODY OF TISF STARTS THEIR WORK FROM FALL SEMESTER.
Article 5 of this Constitution also dictates that the old elected council will be a mentor to the new council plus will be answerable to all things done during their tenure. The old council will be accountable for the audit done.

However, this constitution has no other rules except the roles of TISF elected members. The rules to be followed by societies of TIP are not included in this document.

In the previous article I also voiced the issue of two of TISF seats vacant with no re-elections being held. However, there was only one TISF position empty:

The two seats were merged as one after the elections of 2013.

This constitution will be officially presented in the Auditorium of TIP before Election 2014 take place and there student body has the right to override this Constitution.


The date of upcoming elections is also announced in this manuscript which is below:

How is this constitution?! It’s for every individual to decide. However, those who plan to be elected this year: Best of Luck.