Big Bashup by TIP Students, This Time Online!

This space now open for the ensuing phadda going on below!

Especially since someone else finally wrote on The Beach Bash (no pictures though), we can really tear up this space! See the comments for more, and throw in your two cents.

96 Replies to “Big Bashup by TIP Students, This Time Online!”

  1. masood aur hammad tum dono ne jo meray dostoon k saath kia ha us ka badla tou me le k rahoon ga .janay se pehley tum loggon ka elaaj ker k jaaoon ga ahtiat kerna ab.

  2. Afridi it’s ok.your frustation is understandable.I have come to know from some reliable sources that u want my home adress so that you and people of your baradri(pathan) could beat me and then they want to hide to Quetta.

    Wow i never thought someone could hate me so badly.Well.. my adress is C-199 gulistan-e-jauhar karachi. iam alone at home u can come at any time ur most welcome but be sure to come with full force.

  3. ha ha ha!!masood!!abay teri haalat hai k koi taray ghar aa kar maaray???khud sochh yaar!!tujhay pooray TIP nay rotay dekha hai..ab i wont rply any of ur msg..coz tera mental level bhi is like “U”..”CHHHOTA”

  4. HA HA HA!!well said masood!!nahin yaar!!wont com 2 ur place..mujhay tujh say dar lagta hai..”K KAHIN KUCHH TOOT HI NA JAE”..tera nahin…..mera up beta..

  5. wesey kisi ney sahi hi kaha hai key pathano ki ooper wali manzil khaali hoti hai, hilal afridi ko dekh ker is baat ka poora yaqeen ho jata hai, wesey eik baaat sun afridi , yeh jo tu logon key addresses poochta phir raha hai na, tu kisi eik key gher to pohonch , teri wo halat kariegey key UMIST to kia bathroom jaaney key kaabil bhi nahi raheyga

  6. Ohoo, ab hilal bhi bola. Waisa phadda ka waqt tu to pahla Champaa parna ka baad hi short hoo gaya tha!! hena??…wasia tha kha tu hilal, washroom main??? waisa teri face par joo bleeding hwi thi AB theek hia??? if not, i pray ka yar sahi hoo jaye….Cheerz hilal!!

  7. listen carefully sciences guys We R going to rip u guys apart at your own houses …… us din tou tum loog bach gaey thay kab tak bacho gey kabhi tou haath lago gey na. Samajhtay kia ho apnay aap ko tum loog kaheen key dada ho kia

  8. well Im real Fahad of TS3 TMM3 ki asaani ke liye aur khaas taur per Afridi tere liye mujhe jitne doston ke addresses yaad hain woh daal raha hoon….baaqi seb TS3 ke students se guzarish hai ke apne addresses bataa do…waise main bhi seb se adresses maaloom karke likh doon ga….here are the addresses….
    Fahad A-567-C, block ‘C’, North Nazimabad, Karachi
    Hammad C-185 Block 6 Gulshan E Iqbal Karachi
    Masood C-199/6 6l-14 Gulistan e jauhar Karachi
    Umair R726 block 17 F.B.Area Karachi
    Faran B-79 Block -13 Gulistan e jauhar Karachi
    Talha A-19/1 Block-A KDA officers society near National stadium Karachi

    aur Gahzanfar aur Afridi tum logon se guzaarish hai ke seb se pehle mere gher hi aana or should i say list mein jis order se likhe hain us hi order se chalna aasaani rahe gi…..
    P.S. ager koi gher per naa ho to plz baaher hi intezaar kerna ander to tumhein koi bithaye ga bhi nahin….

  9. yaar allah kay banday bano yaar, tum log lar lar kay mar jao gay , yar sciences ko choro wo to mast hain, yaar main nay kitni baar logoon ko samjhaya hai kay tum log yeh sab afford is time per nahi kar saktay, yaar main nay tum ko pehlay bhi samjhaya tha kay ghalti hui hai to maan lo, laikin nahi tum logoon kay samjh main nahi aati. plz anyone contact me as soon as u read this.

  10. Kyun Afridi … Khassi Pathan kahan bhaag gaya tha phadday k waqt … Ga**D sehla raha tha apni … acha hai teray liye jaldi bhaag ja … werna jin k address leta phir raha hai wohi nanga na ker dain tujhay … chal nikal ab Cho*ti*

  11. yaar sorry doostoon mera add. rah gaya tha here it is
    1438 block 3 Azizabad F.B.Area
    yaar kitna wait karaooogay jaldi ajaooo hatoon main bari khujli hooorahi hay

  12. arey suna hai key TMM3 phir kahi buri tarah sey pit gayi? kis key gher gaye they bhai? bola bhi tha yeh PATHAN GOTH ya QUETTE nahi hai, karachi hai MUTTEHDA ka raaaj hai …. kher imagine kar sakta hoon kia haaal hoa hoga beycharey GS n us key saathiyon ka …. sorrry bhayyoon .. mehnga para na TS3 sey phadda lena …..

  13. SALAAM,
    well first of all let me notify all you guys that TIP is not a Govt. institute where you can do whatever you want to….it definitely is not SIR SYED or NED…so guys plz behave for you are here to be a student & not a bloody street fighter…
    Now let me come to the point i.e. THE PHADDA. As a neutral guy, who has spent couple of years in TIP, what i feel & the updates i got uptil now i’ll say that this whole shit was planned for the last day of the semester….unfortunately Talib came that day & a very silly issue became the reason of the PHADDA. The reason was that Talib, who no doubt is an active member of QUACK, was threatened by Hilal, alongwith his 3 bodyguards(sorry i’ve got no other words for them), for writting against Hilal, Bhatti, Ghazanfar on QUACK….At this point i must say this that QUACK is an open forum where everyone is free to express himself or can say about anything he likes or dislikes..the rest depends on the readers if they think its TRUE its their view you can’t change their views by threatening them…All you can do is to work in a way that no one believe it….talking about articles & comments there were articles such as HEC proclaims TIP a “B” category institute (By Raghib Ali Khan), in which Raghib wrote the truth about the TIP’s infrastructure, our faculty standard i.e. Ph.D are replaced by undergraduates…so should Raghib be thrown out of the institute for writting the TRUTH…so fellows be mature & plz try to learn from the critics…Talib i think some of your comments really were not true at all & it seems that you have personnel hatred for the MGMT guys…all i can say is try to realize the responsibility on you when you are writting…
    Now about the comments….even a 10 year old kid who don’t any of you guys can figure out that the comments written were not posted by their real names..Management guys used the Sciences guys names & vice versa…so plz guys in case if you are not mature uptil now plz dont prove it to others…
    NOTE:Let me clear this that I’m not from TS3 or TMM3 i’m just a neutral guy, who is not that much active in writting here, but have posted some comments before & my main aim is not to pass any personel hatred but to tell you guys the truth…

  14. Hey truth seeker…. ur very true …whtever u have written is a real truth … but as u said tht QUACK is an open forum … and everybody has the right to express his/her own ideas … so did I. Yeah, and it’s true that I have always hated the MNGMT guys … not all of them buh som of them ….. n as far as we have democracy in this country n specially in our university … no body has the right to threaten me juz bcoz of som comments …anyways …. those ppl suffered who threatened me n I am kinda happy with it …

  15. Abay bhaeeyoo tum ne apney apney RKz k addresses to bata deay ……lekin koi apney rate to qoute karo…per night/per hour kia lagao gay???

  16. 1st of all, hum tumharay bhai nahi hain.. jo kay Rkz chalatay hain … 2ndly agar itnee hi tharak chardh rahi hai tu afridi say rabtha karoo lai ayee ga apni baradari say(bohat hotee hain) phir maloom kar laina kay per night/per hour ka kya hisaaab hai(waisay its cheap, if its not ur 1st time, sucker)…

  17. SALAAMZ,
    hey whats wrong with you guys….plz try to behave for this Forum is not for you only….Asim & Abid whoever is the moderator of this site plz do something about such comments…it really is shameful that you guys are using such a bad language & comments on each other even on Quack!!!

  18. Hey G*y … Rk aa jana aur aa ker apni maa say rate khud pooch lena … theek hai ??? Aa jana she is waiting … who ?? Teri Maa

  19. Hey G*y… Rk aa jana aur aa ker khud hee rate pooch lena apni maa say … aana zaroor she is waiting … abay soch kiya raha k … teri maa intezar ker rahee hai jaldi jaa … shabash

  20. wesey to bhaayyon, TMM3 key har bandey ko hum ney sahi qurban kia hai, lekin hamain in ki yeh gandi khaalien nahi chaaye and abey oye mazloom, bara khayal hai TS3 ka, sab kuch to ley lia TS3 ney tumhara , izzzat sey ley ker sab kuch … u know what I am saying kaafi hai itna tum logon key liey

  21. afrifi tum ko bohat shooq hai na ap maa say dhanda karwanay ka .. tu loo suno .. Mubarak hoo tumahra bhai aanay wala hai kyoon kay main nay raat main con___ nahi pehna tha…. uska naam rakhna noman afridi.,.

  22. Tamaam Tipians se ek dafa phir guzarish hai k qurbani ki khalein TS3 ko hi dein……bcz..TS3 hi apki ki khalon ki sahi haqdar hai…kia pata nxt semester kis kis se maar khani paray hum logon ko…agar kisi k pass hamara banda na pohonch sakay to plz in bandon se rabta karen.

    hamaray Rkz ..sorroy Marakiz k address ye hain:

    Fahad A-567-C, block ‘C’, North Nazimabad, Karachi
    Hammad C-185 Block 6 Gulshan E Iqbal Karachi
    Masood C-199/6 6l-14 Gulistan e jauhar Karachi
    Umair R726 block 17 F.B.Area Karachi
    Faran B-79 Block -13 Gulistan e jauhar Karachi
    Talha A-19/1 Block-A KDA officers society near National stadium Karachi

  23. hi to all ..some say that tmm3 beat ts3 whilse some say ts3 beat tmm3.. as i was the life witness of the phada iss liye i knoww kay jiss tarah masood hammad aur mazhar ko mara hai ..phada was won by TMM3..some of u might think that i am the supporter of tmm3 but no i am in 2nd year….one thing more if ts3 have guts enuff to do phada again with TMM3 then plzz post comments with their name ..and to practise cheap strategy of posting comments with TMM3 names..plz u r so cheap…i still rem kay kiss tarah addel bhai ney waqas ko mara tha..kiss tarah asif ney hammad ko mara tha..itna pitney kay baad abb to insaan kay bachey ban jao…
    aur ager muh se phada kerna hai to i m in 1st year…kabhee bhi uni main bolna kay FACTS OF PHADA kay naam se kiss ney post kiye the comments main aa jaoon ga..u know main kiss ka bhanja hoon AP ka to naam suna hi hoge..samjhay aur yeh batana zaroori nahee hai kay main kon se unit main bethta hoon…ts3 ko plzzz aur mut maaro..plz bhatti afridi..ghzanfar..plzz….itna mutt maro woh waisey hi gher main bohat maarety hain..muthal saley

  24. abey oyee, facts of Phadda, AP boley to Anjuman e Phattu? lolzzzz … tu kia facts bataye ga …. jo hoa TMM3 key saaath sab ko pata hai , ab to aur pitengey … jis key saharey jee rahey they wo to gaya ….. Afridi aur us key pathan r gone now …. ab kia karengey ? and tu khud bhi koi TMM3 ka hi banda hai … samjha …. apna name to reveal karney ki himmat hai nahi … unit ki baatien karta hai …

  25. Hey facts of phadda … read ur comment carefuly and 1st decide k tum konsay year main ho … 1st year ya 2nd year … lekin mujhay pata hai k tum konsay year k ho … 3rd year TMM-3

  26. Lagta hai kay TMM-3 kay banaday phaday kay baad itna darr gayay hain kay unloogoon nay apna year hi badal lia hai ( facts of phadda?) kabhee 1st year tu kabhee 2nd yeare … COME ON YAAR grow up.

  27. Nahi yaar faran yeh loog yeh portray karna chaa rahay hain kay in loogon nay humay mara hai … choor yaar jo phadday main tha na usko khud hi pata hai kay kon kitna pitta hai πŸ™‚

  28. ..reading comments abt phada is real fun mn…jo bhi phadda hona nahee chahiye tha uni main kher ager hua bhi to itna nahee marna chahiye the ts3 kay becharon ko..chalo marety ok shee hai lekin kaprey to nahee parhtey..

  29. yar kisi na phadda ka baad afridi, bhatti aur farukh ka face dekha tha, if not tu u still hav a time, go & watch their faces, abhi tak un ka zhakham sahi nahi hwa hoon ga yaqeenan.Than TS3s guys glinting faces, you will found no difficultiy to sort out the result of phadda…
    Aur ghazanfer, yaR tum yeh phaDDA wadda chooro, chup chaap Elections par concentrate karo, Tum ko akhir Presdient par ana hia….Chup Chap apni CAmpaining karo aur Juniors gherro…elections r quite near!!!

  30. ghazanfar …rulzz……sarey votes app kay hain gazanfar bhai..sciences kay cha logon ko kon votes de ga…larkein to pehley hi kattey hain un melon se…cheapsters

  31. i’m not at all amazed frnds!!!tum chhichhoray aisi hi harkatain kar saktay ho..ab to tumhain marna bhi baikar hai coz “DHEET” ho chuukay ho..waisay itni phat kyun rahi hai ??tum bhi yaheen ho..ham bhi..muqabla karain gai inshALLAH..???tum to abhi say itna ..

  32. ab sab k address aa rahay hain jan in ko pata hai hilalz tera add woh nahin hai jis washroom main tu final yr k phadday main chhupa tha???aur adil tu to mujhay 1 dafa bhi nazar nahin aaya kabhi aaj tak..hamesha ghaib ho jata hai..masood choozay!!!tujhay maartay hoe bhi aadmi 3 dafa sochta hai..sharam aati hai tujh par hath uthatray hoe..k kahin hath k neechay aa kar..talha!!!tu dramay kar bhai!!kin chakkaron main par gaya???teri khari hoti hai??dramay main to…dont make laugh yaar!!!plzzz!!!ab sab ki aawazain aa rahi hain..zabardast!!waisay v r really afraid of u ppl..plzzz maaf kar do yaar!!!!maro gay to nahin???

  33. Abay farrukh jis tarha tu pitta tha na .. meray khiyal say ab tu kisee phadday main nahi ayee ga.. aur koi sala apni beradari ko kutwanay bhee nahi lai ga..

  34. Beta farrukh itnay saray reasons kyoon day rahay hoo na marnay kay .. kay woh aaisa hai tu woh waisa hai.. CHANDA LARNAY KAY LIYAY SIRF TAPPAR CHAIYAY HOTEE HAI AUR KUCH NAHI ….

  35. yaar ye kia baat ha k maine is semester main jitney phaddey hue ik bhi nahin dekha ….:(
    koi ik to emrey saamney hota to main bhi enjoy karta ….. suna tha kuch bhai wilayat se aaye they aur aatey hi pitey πŸ™ …
    ab to tamanna hi rehgai ha k koi phadda dekhney ko miley anth qisam ka πŸ˜›

  36. abe M.A.K tu unhi batein kerta rahe ga himat hai tu bahadurabad mein aker mile phir pata chale ga kon hai kis ka baap aur sub ko pata hai kis tarhann ts3 ko mara hai tu kuch bhi bol wo jhoot hi hoga sub ne apni ankhon se dekha hai samja or hann dekha nahi tha masood ki kasi gand jam ho gai thi jab pathan ne baloon se pakra tha aaz tu nikal hi nahi rahi thi…bohot aizat ho gai ts3 ki ab bas kero in bay shermoo ko jeeno do

  37. Aba yar v knw ka tu bohat pita hai, mager yar itna ziada frustrarted na hoo yar, ka u start ussing the language u use @ ur home….yeh QUACK hia mera jaan…:P not ur home…;)

  38. pen(keyboard) is mighty then the sword…..seeing is believing….it nice to see that all the active students of tip are still active here one way or the other and trying to prove something that im sure they themselves dont understand.what will eventually comeout of this as i see is that we will have more hatred amoung ourselves,there will always be an uncertainty within the environment of tip, picture portrayed to outsiders reading these comments about life at tip is really making me feel ashamed of being a tipian.i know myself that these groups will never be friends now but should keep their differences personal and if they have any problem they should ask someone who is in a better position to solve all this(if they want to) i think its about time someone from the faculty or management of tip to intervene and make tip a πŸ™‚ place to study live and enjoy the few years that we have together when we have a dicipilinary committee why not use them if tip can afford to lose some excellent teachers why not some students to make tip a better place.we all know what happened and whats going to happen to lets stop this and pray ALLAH for betterment and stop posting rubbish here.If you cant write anything good about yourself about tip or about your experiences in tip i think you should keep all the bla bla in your head to the end i would like the site owner to do what ever he can to make tipz environment better on his part.thankyou all May ALLAH guide you not of luck with your results all hope to see only happy faces in tip .

  39. Wow! Mine will be the 94’th comment on this phadda! In reference to no name’s comment, my personal feelings are that it is very disagreeable having your college portrayed in this manner; where outsiders percieve TIP to be in an uproar with phadda’s and gali galoch hapenning daily and the administration turning a blind eye.

    However, this is reality, and the 93 comments below mine only reinforce the point. Its our students that suck, not our portrayal of their activities. It’s us who are to grow up and be better human beings.

    One option, (again by no name), is that “i think its about time someone from the faculty or management of tip to intervene and make tip a πŸ™‚ place to study live and enjoy the few years that we have together”

  40. Exactly…& I m totally agree with that faculty have to take out any solutions of thse phaddas. May be these elections & TISF is the root of every phadda I may suggest to ban thse elestions in TIp.

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