Bitch Bitch Bitch……….!

Yes that’s what we all like to do….. But seriously, it’s the best way to vent out ones frustration… And since it’s that time of the month… so ‘whatever’ to anybody who has an issue.

So who knows the Big B? I mean who really knows the Big B? No damn it… I’m not talking about Amitabh Bachchan…. eweeeee no way; I’m talking about TIPs very own Big B. Well do you really want to get to know him? Fix a date with him and you’ll find out!

So he has a ‘very’ open door policy. And everybody says that he’s really helpful and cooperative and all the nice words. WHAT??? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND??? OPEN DOOR MY @$$!

… okay okay okay… I’m calm…

Everybody keeps on asking me the same horrid question… “Arsalan, magazine kab aye ga?” well how’s this for an answer… “why don’t you ask the Big B?”

Okay… so we were having some difficulties generating enough funds for us – the Publications team – to be able to take the magazine into print. As an alternative, I decided to knock on the Big Bs ‘OPEN DOOR’. So he said that he knew a lot of people in textile industry, and he said that he’ll work something out, and he also told me not to worry…

… and he’s been telling me that since the last four months. So much for the help huh!

And now when I say “I wanted to talk to you”, he says “You always want to talk to me about money”


So people, honestly, I’ve done everything at my end, and so have my sponsor buddies. But has the Big B?

Knowing everything about everything is a good Publications Secretary’s job – call it being proactive or collecting gossip for the magazine. What’s currently ‘in’ is this textile conference being held in Sri Lanka and how everybody’s saying “awe damn! I wish I had signed up for it – I would’ve made it”. Well maybe had you stopped checking out chicks and for once bothered to look at the notice boards which are by the way occasionally full of outdated trash, who knows you just might have. Oh wait… being presentable was and still is a requirement…! Anyway, according to my sources, the Big B – or diplomatically speaking – TIP has sponsored traveling and lodging expenses of the five students who will represent TIP in Sri Lannka. So I have a question… if the Big B can help sponsor five students to Sri Lanka, MAGAZINE MEIN KYA KEERHE LAGE HUYE HAIN?

Not only this; the Big B has also shown a keen interest in sending 14 TIPians to Lahore to take part in the LUMS Olympiad 2007 this March. Right before the hourlies? And what about the classes they’ll miss? Oh what’s this I hear… the Big B will make sure that necessary adjustments are made as far as their classes and hourlies are concerned???

Okay so it’s nice to see TIPians at least trying to brighten their institutes name both nationally and internationally. But my point is, if TIP can sponsor its students on trips for educational and academic purposes, why can’t it do something for its college magazine which is an equally essential representation of TIPians on a national platform? Why can’t the Big B be more supportive and cooperative as far as my case is concerned?

Yea… so there’s the Big B for you… a Big help for many, but a Big pain for me!


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  1. R u talking about umair saeed?
    tch tch tch. too bad,he is a teacher and u r a student.
    u shud respect him…

  2. i agree with u arsalan and i was cursing da publication ppl for not bringing out da magazine,
    but itz a messed up institute ill say
    MR big B,
    with all da seminars n #$%#$%#
    they cant even help in guiding their own students for further studies,
    u knoe ive been like running after ppl for a whole year now,to guide me for my masters
    but except some teachers da rest were just not interested………….
    ok im not a nerd or sumthin but still a little suggestion wud had been helpfull
    ……… but still im not proud to from tip anyway…….

  3. As far as the team going to Sri Lanka is concerned. TIP’s not paying a single penny out of its own pocket. The team’s being sponsored and we’re making up for whatever’s left out of our own pockets. If you need details I’ll fill you in.

  4. what could one say to pacify your broiling hot anger Dear Arslan, who wouldn’t swell on a treatment like this…perhaps if u were a lady u could use some charms, but a MAN has to live with some limitations known only to men….may god ease your soul!

  5. arslan i had a talk with amin about this issue of sponsors some two to three months back wen he came to my office to confirm the ad for my company and i asked him to make some plan for sorting the sponsors for ur mag but till today i havnt heard frm him or u on this.. i know in the end one finds himself helpless but der is no point in giving up the hope… if u r still interested in making the mag let me tell der is still much can b done y dont u and ali hakeem make a timely effort this time and get decent mag out by the coming summer… u have my words i’ll sort out the cost for u through sponsors and some connections.. i remember my old days wen i along with a great friends like Ibrahim and Nida got able to make one for my TISF.. I’ll b waiting to hear from u to discuss the workable strategy over a cup of coffee at my office..

  6. but one thing i must tell u that no one wud be interested in what bad happened but what u urself did for all dis.. no point in blaming da other good work for not getting urs done… dis world is all about initiative not about excuses…

  7. @ mindpower…
    no i’m talking about umair saeed…
    i don’t think i could have been any less obvious

    @ aasim…
    okay… so i apologize for misinterpreting information. Yet still, my point remains; if the team going to Sri Lanka can be given support in some way or the other, why can’t i?… As i said… neither did I ask TIP to fund the shortfall from its pocket. I only asked for some help… which I never got!
    And as far as the explicitness goes… I’ve always heard… and have been told… that Quack is about expressing oneself… But no… I’ve always been very expressive – whenever I wrote that is!

    @ F.sham…
    Yea … I think being a girl does give one a lot of advantage… especially in our society

    @ chor
    Firstly… it would be nice of you to tell your name so that … yea maybe I could follow up things. And as far as not seeing me for a sponsor is concerned, my job as the Publications Secretary is to handle the editorial bit of the magazine. Nevertheless, I did help amin in the smallest bits that I could… or at least I frequently asked him whether he needed my help in any way which I was willing to offer. And still I am grateful to him and shabeeb for having done what they’ve done so far.
    Secondly… did you ever get in touch with amin after he came to your office? Shows the amount of interest you have!
    Thirdly… no I’m not playing the blame game as Ive already decided to take the magazine into print. Yes… my writing style might suggest so… for which I would aplogize again… but honestly… how would you feel if someone led you on for over four months and at the end of it make you feel as if your selfish and greedy for money. You’re still missing the point… Why couldn’t some people have been more helpful?

    Anyways… so we – the Publicatiosn team – needed an extra 50,000 to be able to print 700 copies… And since we dont have that extra bit, we’ll be printing 600 copies… for which there might be a slight shortage as well; and the people who got the sponsors won’t even get their due commission. But who cares… you’ll get the magazine…

    This job is indeed a thankless one…
    awaiting your criticism… even now and after TT’06 sees the daylight!

  8. oh oh oh… 🙂
    yes so ‘chor’ or saboor…..
    you’re in TATA Textiles right…? well for your information…. your adds already been designing… its just waiting to be printed…….:D

  9. Quack is always a forum for expressing oneself, with only one editorial policy that for one to write on Quack you should be able to write reasonably, in Urdu or English, and that your writing have some dignity.

    Once you have an account, that dignity is yours to maintain.

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