Bugti misunderstood! – Mr. Najam Sethi speaks

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Renowned Journalist, Mr. Najam Sethi, Editor of Daily Times and The Friday Times delivered a lecture to students and faculty members at the TIP Auditorium today. His topic of speech was the current political situation in Balochistan and an analysis on Nawab Akbar Bugti’s life.

Mr.Sethi Spoke about how Sardar Bugti played an important role in Balochistan’s becoming a part of Pakistan and the way he changed his political stance from guarding his feudal interests to actually fighting for the rights of Balochistan and its opressed people.

He criticised Pakistan’s melodramatically unstable political situation, lack of freedom and democracy and Bugti’s role in striving for certain principles of justice not only for the Balochs but also the entire nation.

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22 Replies to “Bugti misunderstood! – Mr. Najam Sethi speaks”

  1. frankly speaking, i was surprised Mr. Najam Sethi didn’t tell us what the Nawab had for breakfast and where he got his socks darned. He seemed to know so much of whatever thoughts went through his head.

    i’m not pro-government or anti Baloch nationalism, i just didn’t believe half of what he said. it seemed like inspired story-telling.

  2. very ethical mr sethi perhaps dont know what he was i hav not listened him but hav listened through media, newspapers and else sources that he was culprit so wat u think was not he kicking and pushing his own militry men and civilians through gas pipelines blasts

  3. raschal u dont know that he got almost 25000 personals of his own army u people even dont know about industry and say that why ntu people are prefferd than why should not they be…start thing now collect some good news papers and dont dont bound urself to mr sethi it was his topic to speak on

  4. Just a few questions FAIZ UL HASSAN..

    >What’s a raschal?

    >When u say, ‘u people’, who exactly are u talking to?

    >What does this post have to do with NTU people?

    And I had no idea about Mr.Sethi’s army. What a big national security threat! 😀

  5. well i m totally talking to u i think

    U think? That’s news. But don’t always just think. Be sure of what you say. Hard for you, I know, but try.

  6. I didn’t listen Sethi Sb, but a person who love to read history can easily analyze the fact, that Bugti was one of the great criminal, traitor and what else should I say, in fact I am saying it on the facts present not in the news papers or books but provided me one of very senior person in Pakistan army. Actually the way government dealt with this issue made him Hero in the eyes of people, but the fact is fact, and you can’t deny it.

    People love to talk and give you lectures on many such issues but the best practice is, listen to all and do the research through History and then you can reach the final line .

  7. //Bugti was one of the great criminal, traitor//

    Why do I have the feeling that he was as big a traitor as the feudals of Sindh and Punjab, as well as the Pakistan Army. Killing Bugti alone was injust. Kill them all, and start with more powerful provinces first.

  8. Dear Farhan:

    Your are true, but remember one thing, he had become security risk for Pakistan. I would suggest not to think emotionally. Search through history and you will get the facts. As far as Pakistan army is concerned, ya there are some criminals, but they don’t deal with India to Sabotage their own country. You got it!!!!

  9. when did i say i supported bugti. i merely equated him with some other people. these people don’t pose any big, apparent threat to the country because they are happy criminals who are getting all that they ever wanted. deprive them and their people of their rights and basics and give them just enough reasons and u’ll see greater punjab, sindudesh and pakhtuunkhwa coming to life real soon!

  10. Dear Farhan:
    If you go through history, my brother you will never think for equating in this case.
    You and me are part of this country, this is our motherland and no courageous person can think of dividing his /her mother land. You have your identity here. It is very easy to blame others but very difficult to do self accountability. If you have courage, you have love for your country; you will not allow any one to deprive your people of their rights. If you don’t own you land, you will feel no hesitation to write these lines (u’ll see greater punjab, sindudesh and pakhtuunkhwa coming to life real soon)
    sorry i meant not to pin point you , bt i just want that you feel that no one will come and change our destiny , it is you & me who have responsibility to do something for this land. i hope that you will take it as advice from a brother .

  11. Hello, please..ur quoting my line out of context. Read the whole sentence. Thanks.

    See, telling someone to go through history is a vague order. U need to define which version of history you are talking about, since there are many versions here. Even the official versions differ depending upon who is ruling the country.

  12. Dear Farhan:

    What ever the context, I am not interested in, you shouldn’t write in any context, that depicts your pessimistic approach towards problems ok, again sorry if you felt it.

    Remember one thing you can’t find true answer after reading one or two books from history, for Bugti it is better to start form Ayub era, read authors like Qudartuallha SHAHAB, MOLANA MODODI, and some leading Politians of 60s and 70s.

    I was very eager once to find out the answer that who was responsible for debacle of East Pakistan?, I read about 9 books of diifenet authors in including leading army generals, politicians of that time, Hamrodar Remhan commission report etc . , it helps you to check cross wise. I hope that you will follow my advice and will go through rich library of TIP, best of luck!!!!!!!!!

  13. What ever the context, I am not interested in

    since ur not interested in what I say in it’s proper context, u have no right to quote my words out of context. Only that would be proper.

    that depicts your pessimistic approach towards problems

    What pessimistic approach? a ’cause and effect’ statement that simply says that you reap what you sow, and that you are responsible for your actions, be it in politics or personal life, w.r.t. to past breakup of Pakistan and current movements. Please see from a mature perspective, ur in university. I merely said that if u deprive people of their rights and refuse to treat everyone equally, they will want to break away from your rule. East Pakistan, anyone?

    ok, again sorry if you felt it.

    Please stop feeling sorry, it’s just a civil exchange of opinions.

    Remember one thing you can’t find true answer after reading one or two books from history, for Bugti it is better to start form Ayub era

    No, I suggest it is better to start from 1947! That’s where it all began.

    Hamrodar Remhan commission report

    U mean Hamood ur Rehman Commission Report? One that explicitly says how Pakistan army mercilessly killed, raped and committed arson and robbery at the fall of East Pakistan? Let’s not even get started on that.

  14. well hira and rizwan u people are right he is still in the world of imagination yes hira abhi furhan ko bara hona hai laikin tum furhan kahin pathan to nahin ho

  15. Faiz, chahe mera kitna he dil q na kare, mei tumhe retarded nahi kahonga, chahe tum kitne he bare demented, retarded, moron q na ho, I will never personally attack u. Lekin tum karlo, I don’t mind. But please, one thing, do not attack anyone on the basis of their ethnic origin. Achi baat nahi hoti, im sure yeh sab baatein tumhe ghar aur school mei batayee gayee hongi.

    And since you never talk about the topic under discussion without attacking people personally in your comments, I will not reply to your posts in future.

  16. main tumhain straight forwardly batata hun k mujhai to ghar aur school sai chali laikin tumhain shurru sai parossi nai kiun pala aur sambhala aur parhaya issi liai agar tum nai apnai iklotai baap sai seekha hota to tumhain theek pata hota na achaa ab is baap sai seekh lo….suno kahtai hain k there should not be any comment to the person who has died good wishes should be sent but ur topuic is as such k u should consider k sara pakistan pagal nahin hai siwai tumharai but why u on that side against pakistan brief haan

  17. awwal tau yeh faiz, ke i called both of you children. you’re both behaving like idiots and using quack as your personal battleground. to tell you the truth, none of us who read quack for a purpose give a shit about your personal vendettas against eachother.
    so please, if you have a problem be a man and fight it out in person, rather than hiding behind your computer and typing substandard replies.

    Obviously i’m pretty sure that youre going to end up having a problem with me as well. but i think its time somebody told you BOTH that we find your little arguments all over the newsletter highly irritating. please don’t bore us further.

  18. Dear Farhan :

    dear Brother , hope you will do research and then come with balace opinion rather than emotional thinking . take care and no more comments from me on this topic .

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