But after 4 years…what’s next?!

Soon after graduating, Hafsa Azhar (TMM), pours out her built up nostalgia and also takes out time to prepare the current students for what they could be facing after getting employed.


In my four years of life at TIP and being a so-called an active member of Talking Texture’ 2011, writing for QUACK! hadn’t been in my list of THINGS TO DO. But today, it just clicked to me that why not write something and make myself feel that I still haven’t lost my connection and can be a part of TIP through this approach.

Last four years for me and I guess everyone who graduates form TIP are the most amazing ones. I didn’t spend a moment wasting inside the shell a.k.a girl’s common room as I believed I might miss something which is happening outside. Having fun, taking and posing for stupid pictures (if one of your COOL friend has a DSLR: P), fooling around in the library when it is not the exam season because it is just too hot outside, sitting and spending time in the cafeteria, munching OILY fries with lots of chat masala & ketchup, usually discussing what crazy stuff happens in TIP, and how crazy the people are, and why did we even come here, and why do teachers have to target us only. And doesn’t HE have anything else to do…!! And how funny HE/SHE acts in the class and BLAH BLAH…!! From the entire day, only a small portion of time was spend inside the class either sleeping or if the class is interesting, then talking and sometimes, really studying.

Learning outside the classroom at TIP was more of assistance than what we did in class. I am not at all saying that what we learnt inside the class room isn’t valuable. It is something which makes you stand out in the crowd of the PRACTICAL WORLD. But I remember those times of dealing people who hated you, trying to be all nice with people whom you hated, all the dirty politics I was a part of and I did, the gossips, completing assignments just before deadline or toppi-fying to extend the deadline, exam prep,  & completing the entire 4 months course just a night before and realizing K YEH BHI KOI PARHNI K CHEEZ HAI 😛 yeh tou phelay se pata thi…!! 😀 and at the end of the semester getting a result more or less than you expected. These things, we learnt from each other, taught each other. It is passed from seniors to junior like a heritage passed from one generation to another.

So, after 4 years…what’s next…??

The best part is, TIP graduates are lucky enough to get jobs in such an economic situation… at least a large percentage. But, textile industry is too frosty.

The first rule is NOT TO PLAN…NOT TO EXPECT.

You never know what is coming in your way or who is going where. First job is challenging, it is nothing like internship. This will be your first interaction to the business world. It will be your new role, a new position where you will be placed and a lot of new people to meet. (Irrespective of the fact that you have your seniors from the batches graduated. Everyone is new.) Consider this as your new classroom, classroom that is stern however it gives you a lot to learn when you ask for it. Everyone is a guide, how to sit, how to act, where is the washroom, where is the cafeteria, do not use your cell phone, Mr. XYZ is just so rigid so act wisely in front of him. Mr. ABC is nice, yet perform sensibly in front of him. Do the scanning, do the printing, go get files. Pick these garments and let’s go to the production area. OMG..!! You don’t do this here…!! Ohh hi..!! You are the new girl, I m the guy in the GHI department, we won’t be working together although we can be friends. BLAH..!! BLAH…!!. Salary is the best part at the end of the 1st month …Although if you are in a factory, wait in a line to get yours.…!!

Now now, don’t give up…the best is yet to come.

No one is interested in what you are wearing today or did you get a new watch. For girls, it really doesn’t matter if you repeat dresses or your new haircut is just awesome or messed up.


As soon as you get the salary, you will see vultures around you. Okay..!! Vulture is rude: P Like wood peckers…they will peck you and board a hole in your head until they get what the search for…!! Yes…!! TREAT… after a treat you will be IN you know, change in level. From a NEW COMER, you will be promoted to the member of the PACK.

Then, there is your boss- a self obsessed twitch who believes he is so smart and everything in the world revolves around him and you are a needy little person who wants this job badly so he will be all nice and good to you. Will ask you load of questions which you won’t be able to answer and he will feel great about it and answer them himself for you. Yes of course it is a learning experience so take it positively.


 Whatever a top co-worker or your colleague has to pronounce, snoop and jot down and always see eye to eye. This is the best map to take you onward. At this point of time, you don’t want people to think you are disloyal.  Be optimistic and try to be enduring. Everyone will love you.

And then, after 2-3 months, you will be accepted. But did you start accepting everyone..??

It is not important that people with whom you use to get along easily at university will be as easy in your workplace. They can be good friends at time, they can be an aid, they can sometimes be a source of your irritation or your bad day and sometimes can stab you to get your work. So,


Be a Meethi churi…as in SWEET KNIFE.

People will make you to do work of their own and take work from you which they think, will make them better. Obviously you won’t be BLUNT but through different tactics just play smoothly.

This year when it was raining hell outside in the city of Karachi, most of us (working class :P) were inside missing all the fun and the joy of rain. No one around me, in my office was excited that it’s raining outside and nor was disappointed that we are missing all the pleasure of rain which came in too late this year. And guess what everyone was talking about, How are we gonna go back to our homes or how much traffic they will have to bear due to this STUPID rain. I even heard people saying k HAFSA pagal hogai hai barish dekh kr…abhi isse pata nahi haina shehar kitna ganda hojayega…! Or the other day when we had a warm match with India…I felt like going home to watch it…I was telling score and giving modest yelps and screech when somebody got out, at fours and sixers (BTW…I was updated thru CRICINFO *sigh*) Everyone was staring at me as if I am insane and my colleagues were asking me to stop overreacting…!! OVER REACTING…?? 😮 I don’t think I was. Like seriously… Suddenly I had a feeling OH NO…!! AM I GETTING OLD?Trust me…you will feel aged but stop this right away.


Be who you are, stay young, act immature sometimes without the fear of making mistakes. The organization needs you equivalent of your needs for the organization. Do not fear people and do not fear the rules which will pop every second you do anything.  Yeh nahi kro…esa krtay hain tou yeh hota hai…slient policy hai…who na karo esay krnay se yeh hota hai..dandt paray gi…!! And with a confusing look you will muse on k yar US cadet college mein bhi esa nahi tha. Yeh tou nursery school hai with no bell.

All of a sudden, in 3-4 months you will fall in love again with childhood, your uniform, your ammi waking you up for school and you telling her k ammi aj pait mein dard hai , mujhay nahi jana. You will remember every teacher who taught you, you will remember every punishment you got because it was comical in some way. You will miss times with your friends who are now as busy as you are. All the girls will miss their girlies because except for Sunday, you do not have time for anything else and you dadi/nani will be like “ beta…>!! ghar ko bhi time de do…” You won’t set time according to you; the clock will tell you what & when to do. You will sleep early because you have to get up early; it will not be like sleeping late and yet going to uni tomorrow. You can’t take an off when you feel like not going, you might miss little details of life which you once used to enjoy. But you will compromise. You will learn too because you have to.

So life after TIP is monotonous. Every week is like the last week. You will start understanding what Monday blues are. A lot of people might disagree from my written comments, a lot of people from my batch might be having a good time at their jobs and in fact there is a leeway that my above written remarks start altering with the pace of time. But I shared what I have experienced up till now (just first 5 months) and giving rules is so not MY work to do right now but;

Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it.
Henry David Thoreau

I am sure that my emotions for TIP and the time I spent there will be the same forever. There will be nothing in life similar to a life at TIP-truly golden moments. We might just not know it until we are a piece of it, but as you start getting distant and distant, you will feel the cramp.



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