Today’s Hercules

By Waqas-bin-Azhar, TMM2

This is the time when we are just depending on a very small communication tool. It is the thing which is very fast and effective. It is the Herculie’s for all the things that had been used by us before, like Eid Cards, Birthday Cards, Happy New Year Cards, and they now all have been defeated by this fast and most effective way of communication. You must understand for the thing that I want to describe, its none other than our conventional way of communication a SMS!!!

Well there are some of the good advantages of a SMS, but it is now being used in quite negative way. It is responsible for bringing the guys and gals on one way street, I am not criticizing anyone but I just want to critique you is that every thing has a pros and con in this world but, there are certain thing is this world that is made for pros not cons so is something else that people discover its cons once they start using therefore, SMS is one thing that is pretty much handy in terms of communication which is cheap therefore, use it in a positive way rather than a negative way.

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4 Replies to “Today’s Hercules”

  1. ok first off what the heck do you mean by responsible for bringing the guys and gals on one way street and please elaborate on what you mean by: but it is now being used in quite negative way??

    Lovely hearing from you, since I was getting a bit bored reading the same non-tip stuff by the same old crowd.

    Although general comments are nice to hear, but since this is a university forum, it would be nice to hear stuff about the university. Just my two cents

  2. I appreciate your comments.
    well.. this all depends on the way we think…
    Actually what i meant, was to clarify the ditance between two genders:MALE AND FEMALE.
    we are now getting so closer through this communication that made us forgotten about THE INSTRUCTION GIVEN BY ISLAM.

    and the same explanation is for:but it is now being used in quite negative way??

  3. I take a hint that you disapprove smsing because it brings people of opposite sexes closer? In that case we should also work on tackling heinous, religions crimes such as coeducation, where many boys learn behave more decently in front of ladies.

    My understanding of Islam tells me that Islam prohibits adultery and fornication which is often committed by people who have always lived in highly controlled environments.

    Did you know that Pakistan has alarmingly high rates of child abuse? Even maulvi’s have been responsible for child molestation. I wonder if it’s our lust, sexual frustration and compromisingly low morals that are responsible for that thing you said, or sms. I also wonder, how large a role does sms play in our moral degradation collectively.

  4. I see the lads point of view though. I mean if the parent give the kid a mobile phone, obviously he won’t be able to have a proper conversation by actually calling the object of his affection!

    Hence he must be SMSing her! hmmmm… tis a heinous crime! Must be stopped… or lets make it simple and check his phone every now and then to make sure he’s not in contact with the opposite sex. Heaven knows what devious shenanigans he must be concocting with that blasted SMS of his! [:p]

    I’m sorry but I’m afraid that I just don’t agree with your point of view. A person must be decent to other people regardless of sex and no mode of communication is going to stop anyone from indecent if they really want to be.


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