Bye Bye Plagiarism

Dear Faculty members who C.A.R.E! I’m sure it must take you all a long time to meticulously go through every assignment (that I’m sure each of you do) to catch and punish plagiarism. Especially since our institution does not yet have one of those sophisticated software that catch cheaters by the throat.

No worries. We now have websites that offer services and software that will help you do all of the above with almost as much efficiency free of cost. Take this website for example. All you have to do is register, download plug in, install, and there you are – all set to kill plagiarism.

This is just one example. There are plenty of other free websites and software available.

For those who are not too sure what plagiarism is all about, here’s a public service video for all and sundry. Enjoy!

Students: Beware!

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