Carnival carnival !

The evening of Nov 14 brought with it TIP’s long awaited annual carnival. The theme, unexpectedly for some people, was ‘Arabian Desert Safari’. It was gutsy of TISF to carry on with the execution of the theme despite a lot of protests, confusion and even boycott threats, since many people believed that there wasn’t much they could do with such a boring theme.

One believes that the TISF did manage to pull off a tough theme such as this one quite well and made sure that most people had a good time. Personally, the best part was that this carnival was attended by a large number of Texperts compared to previous two years’ carnivals. One must admit that their presence not only brightened the event, it also brought back the nostalgia of their golden days spent with each other as well as with current students before they graduated.

With just a few comments that we gathered off the grapevine, Quack! invites you all to give your input as to what you liked best about the event, and vice versa.

What many people loved about the event

  • Organized event management and teamwork
  • The miniature pyramid
  • Bonfire
  • Texperts
  • Kabab rolls
  • Baby camel
  • Takhts and tents

What many people hated about the event

  • The oasis
  • Terrible DJ and music
  • Absolutely no arrangements in case of fire
  • The lanterns which refused to burn

5 Replies to “Carnival carnival !”

  1. just to correct you.
    this wasnt the event attented by the largest number of texperts. actually carnical 2005 had been the one which superceeded all other events as far as texpert attendance was concerned, therefore i request you not to do such mistakes in future as it falsifies the records.

  2. Nizam , angoor khattay hain …
    well just for a moment.. appreciate the juniors..
    2005 was crap , seriously and there werent many texperts there at all.
    Trust me!

  3. The carnival was great fun. I truly acknowledge the hard work done by tisf..they really prooved themeselves with such a sucessful event. Also, if the theme was such a big issue then how come majority of the people followed it.. It was time to bring a new theme rather than a typical desi village theme. People’s opnions were taken into consideration.! anyway v should truly appreciate the tisf body who managed to produce such a magnificent event. We must encourage tisf rather than criticize them!!

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