Three days in CBMUN (Model of United Nations)

A team from TIP went to attend this event, initially very much unwillingly but came back will full zeal and enthusiasm. The team comprised of SabaAlam, Madiha Altaf, me (Fatima Iftikhar), Tauseef, Shehzad Sarwar and Fizza Asad .It was a whole new experience for each of us. We got exposure to different environment and students.

I remember listening to the chairperson in the introductory session.

Oh God! It seemed like I was hearing things in another language,” modern carcass unmoderate carcass blaah blaah: we were all like” what the hell is it?” .it made all of us so nervous, but gradually we realized that it was not that difficult.

We represented Germany in the model of united nations although we knew very little about our country but we did learn about other countries as every delegate in our sessions represented different countries, every team member was allocated different sessions such as CSW,DISEC,UNDP UNHRC etc

On 2nd day we had to make a stall, even though we were not prepared but we overall did a good job. We tried to dress like Germans but every one complimented us as we were from Holland (little and cute)J. Every one was very appreciative. We observed culture and tradition of different countries and ate lot of food especially showrma J .

How can I forget that day when we went to CSD and Metro for shopping of our stalls and everything was happening “ulta phulta and guess what we were enjoying that!

Cherry on the cake was the formal dinner. We all wore black and really enjoyed the concert of nuts and bolts (a band of CBM) especially the song aetabaar 😉

In short it was great experienceJ

by Fatima Iftikhar

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