Class Pictures Schedule

Another announcement from your friendly Publications Committee.
The Class Pictures will be taken as per the given schedule.

Monday, 22nd October 2007:
AMM1 @ 1350
TMM1 @ 1415
TDT1 @ 1450

Wednesday, 24th October 2007:
TS1 @ 1440
AMM2 @ 1500
TMM2 @ 1520
TS2 @ 1530

Please Be Prompt and advise your class mates to be there, these pictures will not be taken again once the deadline is gone.

You’ll Look Back On Those Days When You’re Old

7 Replies to “Class Pictures Schedule”

  1. That will depend on the Furhan our Photographer but the initial idea is that your class suggest a place where the best pictures comes out.

    We had a few ideas but it all depends on your class…

  2. i had the courtyard besides the library in my mind for now. if you have any better places in mind where there is no direct sunlight during college hours, let me know.

  3. Umm…just wanted 2 know if these’ll b like the serious kinda pics??? or culd v put a lil life in them….. I mean the 1 attachd here is kinda boring *-)

  4. yes komal, i’m afraid there has to be at least one solemn looking group photograph without anyone making horns on someone’s heads with their fingers or pulling someone’s nose. But you can smile and not look as old as the people in the photo above (which i have no idea who put there). And don’t wear suits..for now.

    If other thn that you have an idea about adding interestingness to the group photos by changing locations, arrangement of people etc, you are most welcome to share. If it clicks, we’ll have it your way. Please do remember, the schedule is a bit tight – mail me your ideas today.

  5. i think a venue should have been posted along with this notification… because… you’re stuck with teh biggest problem…. ‘where will everybody meet’
    having a predefined venue just makes things alot easier to manage.

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