Class Wars Episode 1: TMM4 strikes back!


Quite recently, in an institute far far away, news spread that TMM4’s Beauty + Brains managed to singlehandedly get two of her fellow classmates suspended for a week, and lived to tell the tale (to everyone it seems, for by the time it actually gets published on Quack, har kisi ko tau pata chal hi chukka hoga).

So how did this fascinating event take place? Reliable sources tell us that this student was present in a certain quiz whereas the entire class of TMM4 was carousing around the fair grounds of TIP… and thus managed to cross safely another stepping stone on her way to a 4 GPA. According to the same source (who, may I add, is VERY reliable) the carousing members of her class gave her quite a hard time about it to which she replied in a very lady-like way “F*** off!” One of her classmates, who happened to be a female (to make matters more extreme) coerced two of her friends into harassing the girl by saying “open invitation de rahi he, bhaee!” Aur bhaee-on ko bhi lagta he invitation ki zaroorat nahi thi, puhanch gaye sar pe…!

So the end story is that the girl who had initially used the offensive term took her case to Mr. Umair Saeed and the two highly unfortunate young men are now suspended with the charge of alleged sexual harassment and the female instigator of the scene and the lady who initially reported the case got away with a warning. Sach kehte hain ke aurat hi fasaad ki jarr he…!

Now the question is, will this issue end here; or will the next two sequels be Return of the Jodi and Revenge of the Ditz?

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  1. this is unfair,,umair saeed has always favoured female students, nimra shud also be suspended,look @ the language,,this decision of umair saeed means all the female students can use whatever langauage they want,,but the guys cant…what do u mean by
    “bhaee-on ko bhi lagta he invitation ki zaroorat nahi thi, puhanch gaye Nimrah ke sar pe”
    did they do anything wrong,, i guess unhon ne bhee kuch bola hoga,,,but guess what nimra can say whatever she feels like,,but nobody else can,,

  2. In my opinion aurat fasad ki jar is a wrong comment it should be nimra fasad ki jar and there gardeners we all know who they are

  3. what the hell carousing means ??

    and TMM4 is supposed to be the jewel of the TIP crown with a handful of 4.0Gpa.. politics exist at the grass root level it seems.

  4. Sana, you don’t understand what sexual harassment means, or do u? It doesn’t necessarily have to be physical; and for God’s sake, being a TIPian, I’m sure you’d be knowing about the kind of language guys tend to use, even in front of the girls. Big deal if a girl did. It doesn’t matter if I think Nimra did the right thing or not. But she was bold and gutsy enough to act. Something other females tend not to do, and only complain about the torture they undergo. It’s non-physical abuse that leads to the physical kind. Better put an end to it before it gets serious. As far as I know, the other party publicly humiliated her, and that too in a sexual manner. If the other party thinks they did not do anything wrong, they can always defend themselves and seek justice. Let’s see if they do.

  5. and harassed, why should anyone care about your opinion. you don’t even have the guts to reveal your identity. how can your word be taken as credible?

  6. Then why did the editor promptly edit the article, it’s statements, and remove names if it was supposedly not to be taken seriously, like you say? Shouldn’t he have challenged the pseudo author in the comments section instead of giving the article a makeover to prove God knows what?

  7. People who harass women, especially those who harass girls like Nimrah — kind, intelligent, ones to be idolise — should be CASTRATED.

  8. Now this is more like it! Activity, hustle, bustle and initiative taking, People talking, commenting, judging, discriminating, incriminating, Making themselves heard!
    Well at least it’s on quack! if not my magazine. [:p]

  9. By the way I think we should have something dramatic with this! Blow this thing into proportion with the president’s idea of the Student’s council.
    I’m sure the TMM2 batch can act like lawyers with all the John Grishman Novels they’ve been (reading?) 😛

    Saifuddin Kamran –> Judge
    Jury ————–> All Years Called For Jury Duty
    Press ————-> Quack! & Company
    Crowd ————-> Sciences Maila’s
    Suprise Witness —> Lab Attendant

    * This Comment had been written in good fun and did not mean to harm or dampen anyone’s Future So if any of this is taken seriously, you’ve forgotten the term freedom of speech :p

  10. Only one name was removed. If an article is to name it should name everyone and not just one person.

  11. let’s just name everyone then, and add a piece that tells the other side of the story for the sake of fairness, so everyone can be happy and there’ll be no wars!

  12. oh gr8 farhan,, what do u mean by big deal she used such language,,she shudnt be using it in the first place,,i never said those guys did the rite thing,,but she started it,okay,,u mean to say that what she said was okay,,both partie were wrong,,y shud only one be punished.
    what will be ur reaction if a girl tells u 2 f**k off?
    and as for u nimra,,come on girl have some self respect,,.atleast apnay class fellows ke lye tu helpfull bano,

  13. and by the way,,who says i dint reveal my identity,,i am sana,,its for u 2 find out which one!!!!!

  14. y dun i see the suspended guys’ names over here???….why dun we know who the author of this piece is??? ….the artcle is clearly one side of the story yet clearly reveals who really was dumb…

  15. the first thing is that the term f**k off means get lost but now adays it is mostly used as an abusive term but there are some people in TIP and only in TIP who consider the term as an invitation for sex. Nimra did the right thing to solve the problem, made a complain to the descipline Committee and eventually mustansir and hassan got suspended who could’nt defend themselves and master mind sadaf got a way only with the warning letter.

  16. ok, sana, I never said she should’ve used that term. But she didn’t initiate the event. Her class shouted at her first. It would’ve made no difference to the amount of hate she was being subjected to even if she had apologised profusely for attending her classes and apprearing in quizzes. And secondly, I didn’t say you never revealed your identity. It was ‘harassed’ who didn’t.

    Thirdly, let’s discuss one of the causes of this entire happening; the term, ‘F**k off’. According to literary sources, it means to “go away”, which is a strong way of saying ‘bugger off’ or ‘buzz off’. Quoting from Wikipedia, “‘f**k off’ has been used as a synonym for ‘leave’ or ‘go away'”.
    She could’ve used these milder versions, but then, do u really think that people who interpret ‘F**k off’ as an invitation to sex would’ve understood what these terms mean? Despite being derivatives the word, ‘F**k’, it definitely is not as sexually offensive, if at all, as ‘F**k you’, ‘Fu**er’ or ‘F**k’ itself.

  17. well i think nimra did the right thing to solve the problem,she made a complain to the descipline and so mustansir and hassan got suspended and the master mind sadaf got away with only a warning letter[:D]

  18. Im really sorry to say, most of the people who have made comments over here are blabbing about justice by looking at one side of the coin, this clearly shows the biasness that is present within them, find out the other side of the story before making the criminal a heroine.

    Secondly being a 4 GPA student Nimra’s vocabulary is suppose to be above par and instead of using vulgar and offensive language the simple term GET LOST could have been used and none of this would have happened then …

    And the weak one’s are the one’s who always complain and try to hide the true story by making their version popular

    Wait for the other side of the coin which shall be published very, very soon REST ASSURED !!!

  19. Before you point your finger on someone one should first take a look within themselves, it has been four years now almost and i guess we all know who is who!!! Instead of making matters worst for the entire TMM-4 i guess being citizens of TIP we should try and protect the integrity of each & every member of their class !!!

  20. i totally agree with ibrahim bhai man!
    and as 4 this sana its not umair saeed who discriminated its u! u say that if a girl says f off then its taken in terms of sex where as if a boy says the f off word no 1 take this type of action!
    so plz shut the hell up and close this topic!
    and as 4 nimra she is a nice girl who just works and people who r jealous of her do this!
    and y was the class absent?

  21. harassed, how many more pesudonyms are u, the same one person, going to use? wouldn’t you rather reveal your identity and make your version sound more credible, unlike Khala Kulsoom! Otherwise people will end up taking u or AFP, which also happens to be you*, as a liar, and start believing Khala and Nimra! I guess the next time someone comments here with a new pseudonym, we all will naturally think it’s you. truly, a ‘dang!’ moment, no?

    *We can trace IP addresses, did you know that? I bet NOW ur feeling harassed..kinda like a ‘dunce’, no? 😀

  22. @ AFP
    ok first off, who says being a 4 gpa makes a person incapable of using foul language? that should mean that if you happen to have a 4 gp you cant make mistakes, cant do anything slightly wild and are an overall angel. if that was true then people would actually LIKE overachievers and not constantly bitch and complain about them (we’ve got 2 examples in design, one past and one present and nobody really liked both, though i’m sure half of what was said about them was false). i think its a matter of double standards. girls here use foul language all the time. i know that i swear constantly… but when i say f*** off to a guy i really DONT mean i’m inviting him. Cant we just accept that the matter had barely anything to do with the fact that nimra used foul language?

  23. Ha-Ha-
    Nimra said F*** Off.
    Big deal. What about the other gaali galooch and constant harassment of girls by sciences mailas.

    Who is Khala Kulsoom ? any guesses.
    Is that someone from TMM4?

  24. @AFP
    complaining is not hiding ,complaining is revealing the truth and only strong ppl has guts to do that get it

  25. I totally agree with hira! girls use the f word quite often it is just some people in tmm-4 who are making a big deal out of it just because they r jealous of 4 gp! grow up you lads its the 21st century for god’s sake!
    and 1 more thing if I or even nimra says “kutay kay bachay” does it really mean u r “son of a dog” it is a mere expression and everyone knows that!

  26. ok, i disagree with what ibad says. Tmm 4 has a lot of 4 gpa holders. i don’t think jealousy has anything to do with it. and just to clear something up;in my personal opinion the two guys involved are pretty nice people. i don’t think we have a right to judge them or say that they need to be castrated.

  27. This Entry now makes 34 😀
    I have nothing more to say, except wow! People really write when you get them started on a topic of their liking :p

  28. I disagree with Hira because TMM4 does have a lot of 4GPAs but none is more multi-faceted in academics and extracurricular than our queen Nimrah.The other 4GPas are nerdy girls who have nothing to do except talk about makeup and do nothing (read not participating in sports,debates etc).
    The jealousy factor does have existence in this issue because the other 4GPA holders do not have that extra curricular glitz in their CVs and as everyone of us know that Debates is a plus plus for a TMM CV since marketing and managementis all about blah blah jealousy ..big factor in the TMM4 catfight.
    If i was the academic dean and the issue was brought forward to me, mai un donon larkon ko 6 months kay liay semester suspend kar daita … pata lagta unko kay larki ki izzat karna hoti hai…

  29. hello every bdy well i m not known about khalakulsoom but it seems like a contest from the pic but how much it cant be told

  30. aesi koi baat nahi he. the girls of tmm 4 take part in lots of things. sadaf helped plan the carnival this year and abeya’s the event manager. being a team worker is also very important in a cv, not just having the ability to “blah blah”.

    and secondly, iss incident se buhat ziada buri cheezain hoti hain larkiyon ke saath TIP main. including cat calling, naaray-baazi, personally huniliating people using crude names…i’m not justifying what they did, but a LOT of people here need to be taught how to treat girls right, not just those two.

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