Computer Lab Feedback?

On a public invitiation for feedback by the IT Manager, the following email was sent to him on February 22, 2006. Approximately 20 hours later, our hard-working, computer-savvy, email-wizard IT Manager has yet to reply. Quack! readers are invited to add their questions to those in the email below and we’ll update you on any reply.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Abid Omar
Date: Feb 22, 2006 8:41 PM
Subject: Feedback

Dear Mr. IT Manager,

You have put up a notice on the notice-boards asking for feedback and suggestions to the computer lab. As a concerned student, I’m wondering:

  1. Why does Windows invite me on a product tour every time I log in?
  2. Why are “language tools” enabled all the time and using up valuable computing resources?
  3. Why does MS Office require me to enter my name every time I open it? I though computers were smart enough to remember this kind of stuff.
  4. Can’t you put a link to my Z: drive on my desktop? Windows was supposed to make life easier, not harder.
  5. Do you really enjoy it when students come up to the window and say: “Print please, print dijiye,” and you smartly respond by asking where, to be met with the even smarter reply “Two thousand and three, Zero Six Eight Nine, folder Akhaq, subfolder TEXT 176 Textile Science, file Assignment No2.DOC, print pages 3 and seven.” Talk about red-tape.
  6. Why is your internet connection such rubbish?

Kind regards

Abid Omar

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