Consistently Inconsistent

There is one thing consistent in life, and that is ‘Inconsistency’, which means change. From a simple bed sheet to an expensive car, it is a fact that change does affect us and our society. Irrespective of our standard of living (Good or bad), change is indeed necessary for us to live, and have a positive approach in our lives.

Change is an animal which keeps a ‘charm’ alive in our busy and boring lives. When we fail to continue with the same old routine, we opt for a change in our lifestyles. This slight paradigm contributes to our personality, and our way of thinking. For example: If we keep shifting our study place, we will be able to concentrate on our studies in an effective manner. Similarly, if we keep changing the design and font of Quack!, it will keep our readers attached to it.

Charm isn’t the only factor which change provides us. Infact, we also go through a variety of experiences. These experiences always helps us in taking important decisions for our future, and also tells us the right and proper way to move forward. Moreover, we tends to act as a mature and analytical person when we introduce some change into our lives. If we have a habit of trying a new restaurant every month, we could easily add more restaurants to our lists and could enjoy a variety of foods.

By trying out a variety of things, we actually add a lot to our knowledge. Not only do we broaden our vision about life but we find ourselves in a good position to debate or discuss on many topics. Furthermore, a person who keeps changing his or her daily routine can easily cope with many difficulties and can easily adjust himself or herself in every kind of atmosphere.

In short ‘change is everything’. Without shuffling things around, we cannot survive in this busy and tense society. Although a change is always good for us, but we should not change things frequently. Changing things frequently could again make you feel bored and tired. Actually, a balance between consistency and change would surely lead to a happy, cheerfull and excited life. So, my question is:

When are you going to change your current routine?

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  1. Well,I would love to do so but I am not good in these graphics and design type of things….I will try my best to come up with new ideas and things for Quack!

  2. nice to see you writing on something else other than how currupt pakistan is and how bad citizens we are… for a change…!

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