Corrupt Pakistan

I am mortified being a Pakistani, and you must be too, at least after the most disastrous and humiliating performance that Pakistani players displayed in their second world cup match against the stimulating Irish team thus upsetting the whole course of Pakistan’s cricketing history. The question is who is to be blamed, the Pakistani board of directors, the coach, the selection committee or the players themselves. Would blaming anyone could rectify the system? Has blaming ever been the part of a solution? Is this not the high time to think of revitalization? Has the right time come for accountability? Will this corruption prevail? There are ample questions that need answers. Everyone speaks but who will be the one to take action. Will we ever see a corruption free Pakistan? Why is everything covered with shrewd politics? Where is our pure dedication, patriotism, commitment, devotion, obligation, loyalty and sincerity? Are we void of these attributes? Or do we think that we are not accountable.

It’s natural to win or lose in a game. It’s even natural to lose against Ireland. I mean look at their team. They were playing like a team. I am sorry to say it is not natural that the most skilled Pakistani players were scoring ducks, a veteran team fielding like a total disaster. There was something wrong. Or should I say there has always been something wrong. The wealth and self-interest is all that matters to these players, to the coach and to the directors. They are playing with the emotions of the whole lot of patriotic ones who watch the match till the end in hope that somehow a miracle would occur. But how on earth could we win when we did not go to West Indies with the intention of playing matches but we went there with the intention of playing with emotions. It’s a total ignominy and disgrace! I feel so helpless that I cannot do anything for the dignity of Pakistan. Everyone speaks and everyone writes and so am I with the expectation that somehow my words would move a person in authority who has knowledge of this game and he would come forward and revolutionize the system.

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  1. I don’t think that we can sit around waiting for someone to come up and bring about a revolution. It’s important that each of us plays his or her individual part in bringing about a change just the way you’ve taken an initiative.

    But prior to that I think that it’s important that we incorporate basic civic laws in our personal lives and at least try and function to our best potential in our own distinct fields to contribute towards building society.

  2. Well said Aasim. Cricket, after all, is just a game and we as Pakistanis have much graver concerns at the moment. But still the way the Pakistani team capitulated is totally unacceptable. Like Imran Khan said on GEO, this is an opportunity to remove the adhoc system and start making Cricket an institution from the ground up.

  3. Thank God I lost interest in cricket after 1999 World cup and didn’t watch any of those humiliating matches! One thing less to worry about!

  4. wow rahat nice to see ur article on the deck well what actually seems to me like its all happening never a person tries to blame himself for the reason but here serious set backs like injuries and a weaker bowling show made things typical enough to ride the horse.but fortunate reason may come in future to have a good sound batsman as a captain let see things come with what..

  5. I think we pay our players way more than what they deserve. Seeing large sums of money plummeting towards them without lifting a finger or trying to honestly earn it simply spoils them beyond repair. Their earning should be strictly restricted to their performance. Perform well and get the biscuit. Otherwise you’ll get what the rest of your kind gets; just about enough to live almost comfortably!

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