Dare To Say..!!

Almost, more than a year passed to the tragic death of former fourth year student, Malik Amjad. He commited suicide after fired out from universty. The number of students after that as well expelled away from TIP, beacuse their academic results did not meet to the minimium reqiurement of the university standard. To remain in TIP, we have to maintain minimum 2.00 CGPA, which I heard might be incrase to 2.25 in the next session of 2004-2005. Definately ,the upcomng situation give more tough time to the weak students to continue thier education in TIP. I dont know the exact figure, but estimated, more than 20% of the current population of TIP is on probation (CGPA
I remeber when we came in TIP, the task to attian 2.00 GPA was not so difficult, but with the passage of time it`s becoming thougher to maintain respectful GPA. There are certian resons behind that, but i don`t want to discusss them right now. Please, don`t take an impression that I`m on probation too ;), but the purpose that I touch this ever undiscussed topic because there are number of my companions, who are on probation & counting their last days in TIP.
Apart from IBA & LUMS, I hardly heard any university kick out their students in soo large number. If we compare the students of IBA & LUMS with TIP, there is the huge difference in between two. Crowd of IBA is at least 10 times better than us (due to the fact the number of students appear in IBA admisson test are 4,000 & in TIP 400-500). Same in the case of LUMS, which gives admission on the basis of SAT score i.e 1250+ including different other criteria, which hardly any TIPians can meet, & if, can be counted on finger tips. Though, TIP is prospering & prevailing a dignified position, but we still need at least a half decade to stand in the queue of the institutions like IBA & LUMS. Our management have to accept this reality on the ground & make the rules of institution a bit little student friendly, after considering the current student standard. Because, after spending a heavy amount & precious years of lives, if the Student expelled, then most of them unable to continue their education.

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  1. My Dear Friend Waqas Sultan,

    It had been a nice article to read through out the text. It is more than a year now since Malik Amjad shot himself dead cuz of his low GPA(there might be another reason but we can assume it for now) and University asking him to leave studies as he could not better the results any more.

    No one can know the scenario better than the hostelites and those in TISF then who faught against the decision to expell him. I was among those, together with the then TISF president who argued endlessly with SHakel ahmad sb and Shoaib Arif sb to revert back their decision. But no vain…cuz they had solid reasons…

    Malick Amjad was on probation for 4 semesters, his GPA was such that even if he tried to rectify it (getting a GPA of 3) for consecutive 6 more semesters, he would not have passed with a GPA above two, considering this fact and his previous record, he was asked to leave. He wasnt being kicked out of college, which most of the students still think, infact he was being awarded a diploma degree in which there was no mention of him having a poor acedemic performance.and all of his good grades were being counted.

    If the univeristy is taking such steps to improve academic activities among students..i think its ok..The whole environment got affected cuz of malick amjad’s death was cuz of the luv which people had for him in their hearts…

    IBA main 4000 log test dene iss liye atay hain..cuz the world knows about the MBA degree and knows IBA is THE institue..do you know how long IBA has taken to get this repo??? do you know how old is TIP??? do you kno in 1999 our batch was of just 75 students while today i have heard the intake is even touching 150+..isnt it a gud going????

    You said IBA and LUMS have better crowd..in what sense??? if studeies..the reason being…they take the cream..and they have already made a market for them selves..and if you tawk abt the lUMS crowd..well ask me..lving in lahore i have been to lums twice..they are NO good..infact they are wierd..with all the drug mafia prevailing..your lucky that yr in an institute where right now we are short of gud teachers (cuz a textile experienced person gets a far more money in salary than an education instutute can afford) but we aint short of gud environment…yahan 94 se 2004 tak ek he banda hostel main sirf BETHE hue pakra gay ahai..LUMS main rozana koi na koi gals hostel main hota hai or koi pakarta bhi nahi….

    Any institute comes into limelight cuz of their graduates..and we as graduates ar trying hard to improve the repo..aaj nahi to kal..we see TIP as a growing institute…

    gimme names of any institute where Mill owners themselves come to hire students???? NED..No…IBA..no..LUMS.no…Indusvalley…NOT AT ALL..

    sab lucky ho ..jese main tha .. i got a 59% in my intermediete and i am earning Alhumdulillah more than a 3.8 GPA holder from a mengmnet instute working in a bank.

    once your are out..you will feel proud to be a TIPian..trust me!!!!!

  2. waqas ur right it looks like TIP ki admisistration pagal ho gai ha thay think TIP ko aik saal mein he lums bana dain gaey . Agar unhay yahee kerna tha tou low grades walay students ko admission he nahi dena chahiye tha ya admission test mushkil rakhna chahiye tha . Lekin ab unhay tou paysay se matlab ha

  3. ya waqas & realitybites….TIP administration find this way the easiest one to eat money of innocent students. Challo, kisi na bola tu sahi.

  4. hmm…yaar Waqas do u think that a gpa of more than 2 is a problem at TIP, i know sum of my frens might have to leave but, thats the way it is and has been for sometime now.

  5. U r right Adil. to secure gPa more thn 2.00 is not difficult in TIP, or might be in any universty.but dont you thnk that the penalty of getting <2.00 is quite high, i mean to expell a student??

  6. Aslamolaikum

    I agree with Kashif Jamil. I am really proud to be tipian. In fact one part of my heart is attached to it. Because of TIP, I got admission into top 6th university in USA. I had the competition with the Best of the Best of the world. I have taken the best education from here as well as TIP.

    LUMS , IBA ahhhh nothing. InshaAllah TIP will become the best insitute in the world. Don’t be frog of well with limited vision. Go to see and judge yourself.

    My dear folks!! the olden days of competition are gone. Now you are facing a brutal cut throat competition. Institutes and universities are the best place to prepare for this grand competition. Do u guys want to be EASY TARGET?? U guys have 2 choices either to become the best or nothing. There is no level in between these two extremes.

    TIP is not your enemy. U come here to learn, so start learning in better manner. If u r coming here for other reasons then

    DON’T waste ur energy,
    DON’T waste ur money and life

    Do something else.

    Why you guys don’t believe that you can not be the best of the best?? U have everything what human being wants to have. And have brain too.

    The only thing which matters is hardwork. U guys should learn to work hard. Throw all the lazziness out. Throw all ur fears.

    Always ask question about the things which are not clear about.

    “Just become sincere to your future, ur parents and teachers” Trust me if u do that U will always be in WIN -WIN situation.

    So decision is yours.

    If anything is not clear, please contact me at hammad@case.edu

  7. definetely
    once your are out..you will feel proud to be a TIPian.
    not only tipian but alos be a texpert….
    but yar as u siad about the GPA ,i thing it does not mater wather we have to maintain 2.00 or 2.25. it the mater of education. if the education that we are getting is good and up to std the minimum GPA doesnt mater. every one can manage to get that. but when we have teachers like >>>>>>> (u know) that give a idea opposite to that we have in books, that give lectures just like slide reading, who have low teacher behavior and temprament and teaching qualities including experience and exposiour to field work then even the top scourer student be on probation. am i right.

    second thing is that the now student have to manage themselves that thay maintain their own studies since up tomy knowledge many techers including mr, jabbar, mr umair, mr hasham ,mr ali hafeez, and some other have left tip. now we have to face new faces that might be replacement to them but as the previous routine , always the now commers are of less experience and some times………. i can’t write

  8. Waqas,

    Yar whatever happened to your “angrezee”, whats this I read “feeses” in your article? You have no idea how funny it sounded when one of my collegues in his funny dutch accent read out the article saying that you have to spend “a huge amount of feeses” for something. :). I was only listening so, it really made me jump. Anyways, not our mother-tongue right?


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