De-stabilizing TIP

By Imran Iqbal


My sister have just given her intermediate exams. She was browsing on the net to get some information about the universities for her further studies. While browsing she opened the following link:

At the next moment she started laughing as if she have read a joke. When I asked her why she was laughing; she showed this to me:

Sad! I was shocked to read this. I don’t know who did this but whoever he or she is; surely NOT a TIPian.

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4 Replies to “De-stabilizing TIP”

  1. true it is sad but i really dont think wikipedia is an authentic source as it is editable if u luk carefully it says edit at the bottom of that page.. neways its sad to see how well our university is bein marketed..

  2. ya true but if i m nt wrong in Google search this link comes on third
    it is kind of obvious that if you want to check the hec ranking or get some other info in one glance you will surely click wikipedia which provides this stuff with external links
    i siad the same thing to my sister that it can be edited but she gave this reason

  3. furhan i think its best that the universities IT dept. fixes it cause its somewhat an official matter so let them do it.. but i hope the office gets the msg through quack..
    neways feel free to fix it but then again they will come down on u..
    btw quack is also there on the page wow.. btw emails are circulating about this edited info on the net, it is best that atleast students should stop forwardin awareness emails about such stuff that is even worse than what wikipedia is showing at hte moment..

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