Debating Champions Dishonored!

Sidrah Nadeem and Syeda Nida Aleem, the proud IBA inter-university debate champions were devastated when their victory lunch was cancelled. Apparently, the champions forgot about the lunch that was for their very own honor. But the story behind is that there was chaos everywhere. The President, Shakeel Ahmed was upset. The supporters, who only attended the event were also invited and were ready and waiting in anticipation of the free meal, only to hear from B.D Saleem that, “The lunch is not postponed, but CANCELLED.”

The president was found saying that this lunch was to honor the students, and when the 3 faculty members (the President, the Dean, B.D Saleem) can be there on time, why not the students themselves!

So much chaos everywhere. The people supposed to be there were not there. But all the supporters were present waiting eagerly to go to country club, which included the author.

Why didn�t Sidrah and Nida reach on time? Were they trying to act cooler than they actually are by coming fashionably late? What was the reason? You Tipians comment and whoever gives the correct answer gets a free meal from Abid Omar.

The author remains anonymous.

6 Replies to “Debating Champions Dishonored!”

  1. b4 asking for any comments abid, just correct my name, it’s SYEDA NIDA ALEEM, it isnt nida khan,lets c how much time u take to correct this!

  2. Can’t you people ever write or debate on something that may be a little productive to say the least instead of petty bickering over every small insignificant event that happens. People wakeup !!!
    What in God’s name is wrong with you

  3. Acid Burn, you are so right. It’s time we have some real news, more quality journalism. It’s time we take Quack! to the next level.

    I wish people like you get involved with Quack!, so you can write about the things that matter.

  4. Hallo MAdam ! Naam say kia farqh pardtha hay . U were late . u should accept ur guilt . hay na Abid .

  5. we both had a class, the president should have checked the timetable before calling us,,, i couldnt skip a class just for the sake of a free meal

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