Dekhain! Mein Quack! Online kae liyae likh kar kaisa hogya!

Without having to extol the many virtues of highly differentiated and high impact advertising (Marketing 101), the recent Quack! Online publicity campaign proved to be a success in many ways. Sung to the tune of popular Pakistani rock group Noori’s Suno kae main hoon jawan, Quack’s Dekhain! Mein Quack! Online kae liyae likh kar kaisa hogya! happened to arouse the interest and attention of many. The eye-catching pictures and accompanying tag lines provoked some students into thinking the campaign to be aggravating and gratuitous, and even polluting, while others appreciated the absurdity of the idea. One student summed it up well, saying, “kya yeh tanz hai kae in mae sae koi likh nahin raha hai?

Unfortunately, the campaign failed in its ultimate aim of attracting more writers (or more regular writing). Even the pointed task of Sports Editor could not be fulfilled by our ambitious student body of 300 odd.

So, is Masood Arif right in saying that to get Tipians to do anything, you have to get after them personally by “communicating directily with them?” Is that why TISF’s Basant Mela was a bore, because Abdul Saboor didn’t individually inform all 330 students, 30 faculty members and 20 administrative staff? (figures might be a bit off). Is that why Quack! Online gets new articles only when the Editor or the people who C.A.R.E personally get after the writers?

Or did the campaign fail because our students don’t really C.A.R.E?

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  1. abid actually what i meant was that the students need to be guided by someone.they have to be told why their contribution is important.I am not saying that saad is not doing a good job all I want to say is that everyone should know when the publication meeting is and all willing people should be invited.
    Many of us (including me and many more) don’t know when is the publication meeting and what is going on.I don’t know if any meeting has been held recently.We all want to help not only in writing but in many things more….

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