Dengue Virus Alert

By Saad Ashraf, TMM-2

aedes_aegypti_1_c.jpg Just today, a cousin of mine died of Dengue fever. It took him less than a week to succumb after conracting the virus. The sad thing is, there isn’t even a proper vaccine to beat this virus. You can only take a few precautions and try not to get bitten by mosquitoes.

Some basic facts about the dengue virus that you need to know, and problems we are facing here in Karachi.

The dengue mosquito is not initially infected with the virus, after it bites a victim the victim first develops the infection in about three to four days, if the dengue mosquito then bites an infected victim it may immediately infect another person without any infection forming delays.

The mosquito breeds near water areas, and is a domesticated species (likes to live in a house like environment).

It is not termed as an epidemic yet, but it has started to infect people and is claiming lives at an alarming rate, prevention is the only option as the cure is not in a form of vaccine.
Infected people need to be isolated, not because that the disease may spread (Dengue is not spread directly from person to person.) rather the infected person may be more vulnerable to diseases from other people as white blood cells decrease in the infected person therefore immunity of the person also drops.

There are a certain amount of problems we are facing at this time in Karachi that if not dealt with immediately the virus could indeed go down as one of the worst epidemics.

As the cure is not a vaccine, platelets are extracted from donated blood and then is supplied to the patient, even though there has been an arrangement of free tests for the virus there has been no immediate steps being taken up by the government for the cure, we need to take some responsibility on an individual basis to make drastic changes, we need blood donations, machine and kits for extracting the platelets (kits are separate from the machines), there are neither enough donors, neither machines at hospitals and there is only one local importer of the kits here in Karachi. We need to create awareness amongst the people in order to make some progress.


This is what the mosquito actually looks like.

The dengue mosquito can more readily be identified by its behavior. Look for these signs:

* It likes to live indoors and bite people indoors

* It is hard to catch; it moves very quickly, darting back and forth

* It likes to hide under furniture and bite people around the feet and ankles

* Its bite is often painless, so people may not notice they are being bitten or they may think they are being bitten by sand flies/biting midges.

Please visit the site from which I extracted the above information there are facts which are important and I could not cover above.

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  1. arey its nothing meray dus baar kata hai kuch bhi nahi hota but still u care of it.. its tooo dangerous really and aal the girlss hey …….

  2. today my cousin has also died of this dengue mosquito. it broke my heart actually when i found out he past away. I hope they find a cure for this. it seems very dangerous. my cousin got biten from it in dominican republic.

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