Design Student on ARY Digital

How many of you tuned into ARY Digital at about 7:15 on Saturday evening, 23rd August? Hmmm! I don’t see many hands in the air… Khair, if you had by chance tuned in then you would have been surprised to see our very own Ali Javed, final year design student, (looking slick and smart as always) talking to an anchorperson from ARY on their public-boltee-hai-type program.

The question of the day was “should bridegrooms go to a parlor for their grooming before their wedding?” which was asked in urdu. Ali’s answer was: “Han, mera khiyal hai jana chahiye.”.

Hmmmmm, so at least we now know where to look for him on his wedding day, if we can’t find him home. Waisay Ali, it would further help matters if you could also let us know which parlour would you prefer so that the other guys can take their cue from you!

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