Design Students head to Hala

An educational trip was arranged by the Design Department for design students of First, Second and Fourth Years to Hala, Bhit Shah, Matayari and Hyderabad. Some 50 odd students, including faculty members, left for Hala on Friday at 2 pm. They will be back Sunday evening. Parents of First Years were also at TIP to see them of.

Some students were not willing to go because of the heat in these areas, especially with Lower Sind undergoing a heat wave this October. What do you think? Will they enjoy their trip at 44 C?

6 Replies to “Design Students head to Hala”

  1. have a safe trip guys and gals…….i heard some of the third yr complaining that they weren`t ever taken to such trips … stop complaining abt the heat and enjoy ur self

  2. iTS gud to see such trips being arranged earleir in the year …hope sciences n managment including apparelzzzzzzzzz will also EnjOy such ouTIngs ……..hope!!!!!so

  3. it sounds exciting to hear from designing students that they had a nice trip.come on management people! wake up,what u people are doing, we must also arrange such trips.

  4. this is the unfair which always happened to science students, why only the design students are taken to the visits, why dont us ? as all big univ. arranged visits for their students, why dont TIP ????

  5. Yea …..disGusting from the very rOOts ………TISF shud SCrew their plAns AS sooN as possiBle ….we r in shoRt of a hanG banG ouTIng…we R inFAct….do SOme thing gaNg!!1

  6. ******Well travelling in the heat waves is a lot difficult and might Be bad for the student who just have a teperature difference from 35 C to 45 C so just it will cause a routine and surrounding change. Now i dont know how do they feel.********

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