Dhamal carnival

The dhamal carnival was no doubt a success and the credit goes to Shehryar and his cabinet and to all those students who actively participated in this mega event. TISF is nothing without the students and only students can bring life to an event such as the carnival.

The lightings and the decorations depicted those of a desi atmosphere as it was the theme, the outfits; the chunaris, the dhotis, the ajraks and the kurtas brought life and color to the surroundings. Never have I seen the lake so beautiful, the exterior of the lake was lightened up and the famous TIP tower was also dazzling, surrounded by lights and colorful mutkas.

The arrangement of stalls was also according to the theme with ajraks and ghanas which were used to decorate the stalls making it look like a desi dhaba. Initially students were more interested in the stalls but as the talent show started, slowly and gradually people settled down and enjoyed the performances by our students. The piece that stole the show was by the second years in which they imitated mailas and the burger wannabes of TIP. Musical performances by the hostel residents and Saad and Ali and by first years made the talent show exciting and fun to watch.

It was also refreshing to see the texperts enjoying the festivity, visiting the stalls, dedicating songs to each other and mingling with the future texperts. A huge crowd (compared to previous years) stayed back for the movie night in the open air theater. Overall it was an event which was enjoyed by students as well as faculty members and texperts.

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  1. i totally agree with adil about the carnival … since it was my first i cant compare it to the previous ones but i m sure this was the best of all !! i had a lot of fun … although i had to keep my eyes open all the nite but in the end it was really worth it … TISF is doing great … great going guys !! three hurrays for u .

    well i totally agree with you ADIL the lightings & the decoration were really gr8 to give a DESI look & the students too participated in creating such a colourful environment through their outfits with guys dressed up in KURTAS alongwith AJRAKS & DHOTIS & the girls dolled up in the GHAGRAS & other desi dresses (dont know what they are called) but as you all know they all were looking _______ 🙂

  3. as far as the talent show was concerned i dont think there were enough performances & ADIL you are absolutely right that the part played by ATHAR & his company was the only thing that forced the audience to stick to their places….well done ATHAR, SOHAIB, ALI & all others who were apart of it…the comments that were passed on you guys (both by the TIPIANS & the TEXPERTS) while you were performing proved that the audience were really enjoying the show & the thing which i liked was the AMMI ;)….
    i also wanna appreciate the performance by SAAD & ALI as that was their performance ever in TIP..good start guys keep on participating in events like these…but yaar plz tell me what it was…bcoz i was not there when you guys performed & i asked alot of people abt it later on but unfortunately no one was able to explain what was that all abt :P…NO HARD FEELINGS GUYS

  4. sorry forgot abt the TEXPERTS….regarding them i would like to say that it was a gr8 feeling to see them all again at the campus gathered for an evening like this….the faces i recognized includes the one & only KASHIF bhai, BILAL MERCHANT, ATIF bhai, HASAAN, HAMARE ALI BHAI, SABOOR but THE personality of that night for me was SIR SHUJAAT ALVI….a texpert & a gr8 teacher whom we all respect very much…I just wanna THANX him for being so friendly to us…& we all MISS YOU very much SIR….

  5. Thanks alot for your support and love regarding our drama….let me introduce our drama team…it comprised of ..Ali kazme,Ather,faizy,sohaib,karim,mohd Ali,farah,maryam,komal,ibrahim…behind the scenes were Javeria,Sana and asim….i hope that this team will continue to put their efforts together and will be producing such skits in future too..Regards!

  6. hi guys…..thnx 4 ur support & appreciation.INSHA ALLAH we’ll try 2 give better performance in future.thnx 2 my team members……without them this drama was impossible.it was really a gr8 event organized by TISF.& v hope in future,TISF will fulfill our expectations.

  7. i wud just like to thank every1 for having supported the theme and following it…i seriously think tht it made the event so much more colorful and exciting…zain looked awsome in the dhoti kurta and adil i want tht pic of me n him…congratulations to the new TISF for a very successful first event,best of luk for all the future happenings

  8. as i mention in “Freshmen Carnival 2004” the evening was “Annt” and TISF did exellent job with their event managers (i mentioned their names in “Freshmen Carnival 2004”)…….the theme was good(weldone ahsen)….the best part of carnival and the evening which i liked, was the performance of hostel guys (CHOOPAY RUSTAM),performances of bhatti,fahad,abu-bakkar and the whole team was brilliant…….performance of “athar loog”(jo main nay nahi daikhi),i knew tht they did well b/c there is no doubt they are talented………we found some good singers(like me…….its joke bhai loog b/c some of u take it serious)…….
    now every body talking abt evening and the arrangments but no one can talk abt “TANNGA”….bichara GHOORA too chall chall kar pagal hoo gya and at the start of carnival wooo tooo zamine par late gaya……its not fair with GHOORA sherry… wooo tujh ko boohat bad-dooain day ga……….
    ohh haan wht abt MR. and MISS of tht nite……..in my opinion……..
    MR.CARNIVAL was “MINHAAJ/SHUJAAT” both weared dhooti kurta….
    MISS CARNIVAL wasssss “the girl in my heart” ha ha ha ……but seriouslyyyyy “NIMRAH” in red, looking cool……hopfully no body can take it seriously………….
    at the end my best wishes with TISF ……sherry whenever u need my help i always with you…….
    take care my fellows….

  9. yaar adil pics to daal day yaar carnival ki Alah k banday.4 din guzer gaye koi pic hi nahin hai.bachi ko dikhani hai apni yaar.kuch to reham ker yaar.lagaday pics.its pathetic yaar.

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