Do you agree?

Textile Institute Student Forum (TISF) is organizing a concert on 9th April 2010. Some students do not agree with the concept of charging 100 rupees from TIP students and they have their own reason as well.

Have a look at it!

5 Replies to “Do you agree?”

  1. Yes, I totally agree with it!!
    Atleast TISF should give justification of it that WHY they are charging us more ???

  2. yes i agree with this idea that why we are paying extra on the other hand as we all know zeest are not coming so there is not any issueof charging extra as 30000 left for tisf

  3. agree with the event but not with 100Rs. zeest bhe nae araha to 24000 to budget main se nae ja rae. to phr kyn 100Rs liay ja rae hain…

  4. Wow nothing has changed at tip it seems… looking forward to having a concert on the 9th and here we are on the 8th discussing whether we should go through with it or not. How we have learned from our past.

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