Don’t Leave!

It is somewhat sad to see the upcoming batches at TIP getting smaller and smaller each year. And it probably hurts even more when some of the freshies leave a few months after joining.
Aleena Ali Iqbal of TDT-1 explains how she feels about it.

Its really hard to actually write some thing and also it not being anonymous is gonna be hard ! But yeah, its really sad to say we first years when started were a large group but slowly and slowly we’re actually decreasing in number. Today we were given the news that one our own fellow TIPian is leaving us an it was sorta her last day ! 🙁 Guys it is really hard saying good byes! We’re already SO less in number and the absence is obviously gonna be there! I say growing close to one another is actually quite dangerous ! :p we grow close and then were hit by the BOMB that they’re leaving ! And then u expect us to be ohkay with it. What is this ..I mean what is this ! Indian accent ! * :p

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