Dreaming the TIP Dream

It is not an exaggeration and neither an understatement to say that TIP has one of the best campus structure and facilities amongst educational institutions in Karachi, along with the campuses of AKUH and IVSAA. The lovely lake reminds us of the pool of knowledge, and the landscaped lawn suggests the drape of textiles and a unity of structure in the form of the main academic building. In my opinion, Textile Institute of Pakistan’s campus is one of the finest architectural landmarks of post-partition Pakistan (now thats an exaggeration).

However, despite the wonderful campus designed by Pakistan’s famous architect Arshad Shahid Abdullah, there seems quite a loopholes or paiwands in the finishing of the structure and facilities.

At first sight the building looks immaculate and presents an academic canvas of very dignified classic colors. But closer observation reveals that there seems no movement, no flow, no activity in the campus building. Observing the sections, the drafting and the infrastructure of TIP’s building, I have noticed that only a little more refurbishments can do wonders with the overall thing of TIP. [Ed: whatever do you mean?]

I feel like the symbolic tower which is wonderfully placed in an angle of wind drift direction does not symbolically convey the essence of an academic institution .It symbolizes a bus stop or a teen talwar chowk kind of thing. An academic institution usually exhorts discipline and nothing less than a clock symbolizes the gist of discipline. So instead of a bare tower, a clock tower can imbue the very discipline in the spirit of the campus. And with its position converging the hostels way fare and the cafeteria and the academic building, it can act multi purposefully. And most of the top class institutions of world have clock towers built and the perfect example in Pakistan is that of GIK.

One more thing is that despite it has a design department, there lacks any expression of design and artistic display. All we can see are the yellow painted transport points (yellow being the aesthetically most sick color) or the pink, yellow and green paper of Quack! Online on notice boards and the minimalist curved pieces or iron draped with textiles. So as a design institute there must be sculptures and expressions of art and not only textile art but other forms of art in the campus like paintings and sculpture. We do have photography courses, why not display our students’ photography?

The third thing which continues to challenge me is the use of squash courts. There are not one but three squash courts at TIP. Whereas cricket, which is the most popular of sports among students has been treated like a stepchild. Anyways instead of squash it would have been more healthier and feasible (since squash is played by two and hockey is played by 22) to have a hockey and cricket ground and hockey ground could also be used for the football.

I also want to know the use of the open air theater. Its been six months that I have been at TIP, and we have rarely used the open air theater till now. There was a picture in this year’s TIP prospectus showing (probably Ali Hafeez) teaching in the open air theater and I felt excited about it. So teachers should have some classes at open air theater too. And the TIP flag and the Pakistan flag should be made to flutter more frequently in the TIP campus (maybe for 23rd March?)

Morever, a stereo system in the Eqbal Ahmed Students Centre would certainly boost the students energy and enthusiasm. As they say (if music be the food of life, play on). So a must is the latest stereo system in the Eqbal Ahmed Students Center.

Coming to the library, library is wonderful and great but there lacks the local fashion magazines in the periodicals section (Diva, Libas, Sunday) which are of great use to the Designing and Apparel students. Similarly I don’t know about the policy of which newspaper should be subscribed by the library since we have Dawn and The Nation, but no Daily Times. Moreover its a positive thing but our library is redundantly filled with books on subjects like politics specifically American politics (which has no connection with textile study [Ed: neither does the Pakistani politics in the Daily Times?]) and on the other hand no good book can be found on the geography of Pakistan, the agricultural and industry which has direct link with cotton and hence textiles.

Last but not the least I feel that the policy of writing your name and then submitting a complain is very pointless since most of the sensitive issues remain unseen by the TIP authorities and only the major issues go to heads.

Anyways these were the small random things I noticed and I felt if they could be improved or upgraded could bring our TIP on the map of the great universities of the world and oh did I mention the year of TIP’s inception to be inscribed boldly somewhere on the main building so when our great-grand grand children come in 3004 to TIP, they marvel at this wonderful building sporting the Pakistani flag and the 1994 sign.

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  1. It’s a nice job ali. Keep up your imaginations. All of us want to see our university at the top so we should work accordingly.
    We also have to consider that Besides excellent campuses of oxford and other top most Universities of the world their hallmark is the hard work, result oriented research, spirit of inquiry, passion and honesty in their students.
    Now about library, indeed there is a room of improvement in particular departments. English literature section carries very old novels .so there’s a need to upgrade it by placing new literature of this century (and also in the areas ali has suggested). About news paper I have a suggestion that if it’s not possible to handle 3 papers at a time then instead of THE NEWS, DAILY TIMES is much better option.

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