Dude, where’s my life?

By An Anonymous Coward

All characters and situations are fictional and resemblance to any or both is completely coincidental.

A few days ago I started wondering where my social life went. What happened was that I had called up an old school friend to talk about the good ol’ days when he nearly dropped the phone at the sound of my voice and stammered out “didn’t you die in the earthquake?”

It took quite a bit of time to explain that Ghaggar Patak was not in NWFP, but then I realized it wasn’t his fault. My pet cat refused to recognize me, my parents were considering adoption because they wanted to hear “pitter patter voices” in the house again, and my neighbor’s youngest kid (he’s the seventh one and his parents can’t afford to keep him) had taken over my room and I was forced to sleep on a chaarpai placed in the lounge. The one good thing about all this was the fact that only I knew where the TV remote control was and I hid it in a different place every other night, just for revenge.

But the biggest drawback is the lack of sympathy I get from my friends. I was griping to one of them when she snapped “why did you come here to begin with?”

“Because… I… couldn’t… get into… IBA…?” I explained slowly so that even she would understand.

“big f***in deal!” (She swears way too much for a girl who’s barely 5’ 3’’) “There was always CBM.”

“This is the only management place that has a design department, woman! I actually thought there’d be hot girls here! But just my luck, there are three hot girls and they’re already taken”

“Ha ha. Poor you. By the way, I just LOVE the guy to girl ratio here!” she smirked and started stirring her 7th cup of tea.

It took all my will power to control myself from telling her that she shouldn’t love it because nobody thought of her as a girl anyway, in fact most guys I know considered her a very irritating part of the scenery at TIP which should be removed immediately, by operation if necessary. But I also know that getting her started is a very painful way of suicide.

Getting any girl started is a very painful way of suicide. I’d prefer dying in an earthquake.

The funny thing is that now that I have 3 months off from the insane routine of getting up at dawn, taking a bus to nowhere, spending a day doing nothing, and taking a bus back from nowhere which drops me off a mile from home, in the evening, when I’m completely sick of life; and yet I still have no social life. My old friends have new friends now; my new friends are too sick of seeing me everyday to want to hang out in the vacations, and I’m just tired of sitting around wondering where my social life went.

When does uni start again?

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  1. hmmm….a bitter truth….this busy world has no time to think and feel about others. Humans are made from emotions and love and if we leave talking and chatting with our friends….a normal human will probably die..!

    to be social is a dire need to survive in this era….anywayz very well written and well expressed!

  2. yeah…. reminds me of a poem i wrote when i was comin to TIP
    life is not a bed of roses
    it is full of deceptive poses……..

  3. it is very nicely written though i feel its to premature to say that you have no social life…wait till u start working! then again it depends on the person, may be u will become a socioparty animal once u step outside tip for good

  4. very true… n i believe wht adil says turns out the exact way… thts y 1 shudnt completely b oblivous of the life outside tip!

  5. i think everyone goes throgh that phase, when they feel they are completly out of the lime light…i feel the same way…i have so much work at university that i dont get time to see anyone…my parents dont even consider me their child anymore due to the work load i have. barely get to spend anytime with them or friends. its crazy… but i guess once your university starts it’ll all be fine…just hang in there!

  6. Cowardice has nothing to do with Anonymity…

    It’s the person’s wish to be non existent, right Hira? 😉

  7. The circumstances surrounding the reason for anonymity should gauge whether the author is kept unknown.

    And for great writing like the above, no reason for remaining unknown and unappreciated.

  8. yeah well, remaining non-existent is a great way to keep your reputation and sanity intact in TIP. Don’t say you didn’t get who the tea drinking monster is modeled after.

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