East or West, Home is the Best

“I don’t want to live in Pakistan”, Said Ashraf to his Bao-jee. Bao-jee who has spent whole of his life serving his beloved nation is shocked when he hear these words from his own son. It’s Independence Day and when his son tells him that he wants to leave his country he tries to persuade him to change his decision.

Ashraf is a young boy who is confused due to the unstable socio-economic and political situation of the country, like most of our youth today. On the other Hand Bao-jee, ashraf’s Father, is a landlord and the old politician himself and has stood by Quaid-e-Azam at the time of independence moment of Pakistan. He knows what losses they had faced at the time of independence, how people lost their lives and their loved ones and, the only thing they had left was hope, Hope of freedom.

Keeping intact, the story of the play, ashraf has preferred urban life style to the rural and lives in the city. They have two servants (how can I forget them, they are the basic fun element of the play), both of them are a mess, even though ashraf can’t stand them but he still can’t do anything because both the servants are his father’s favorite.

And how can I forget khurram, ashraf’s old friend, who has come to see him after a long time. But the servants are even more messy in front of khurram and start making things worse, while ashraf discuss his plans with khurram about leaving the country and to settle abroad, he also advice ashraf that it is a better to live in his homeland rather than being a second citizen of some other country.

Towards the end of the play the bao-jee re-enters the stage and is again part of discussion and is trying to make ashraf reconsider his decision and the servant, Alla Ditta ashraf as he see tears in the eyes of bao-jee who is trying to convince his son, also starts to help bao-jee’s point of view and assures ashraf that he won’t disturb him anymore if he changes his decision (Now where would you find that love on earth).

To conclude it, I would like to end it the same way, “Tumhari pehchan, Humari Pehchan. Pakistan… Pakistan…” and most importantly I would like to thank the team of Thespianz Theater for their wonderful performace.