Enlightened Moderation

President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf is often seen enchanting the slogan ‘Enlightened Moderation’ in various gatherings, meetings and television programmes. To me, it is the very correct phrase to be used in this current situation. Before I start making you enlightened and moderate, let me first make clear that what these two words actually means. ‘Enlightened’ simply means that one should think on a broader perspective, in addition to worrying about him/her self, he/she must think on the societal basis. It means to convert ‘I’ into ‘we’; it means to open your hearts and broadens your mind. Whereas this ‘Moderation’ is a quite familiar one which says that ‘keep a balance in between different parameters of life’, and amazingly Islam teaches the same thing or in other words Islam is an excellent example of a moderate religion which always teaches us to keep a balance between religion and world or to take these two things side by side. But, unfortunately we have not abided by the orders of Holy Quran which eventually resulted in the birth of the phrase ‘Enlightened Moderation’; the real teaching of Islam.

This is 2008 and now we are very much different as what we were in 90’s, we have now got more than 25 private TV channels, over 50 radio stations, ever-increasing newspapers and a large number of online blogs. We have now international music performances in our own city Karachi and we also see numerous debates on unique but bold topics on our own TV programmes, radio programmes and online Blogs. We, as a nation are now more advanced and broad minded and are always endeavoring to accept other’s culture, food, ideologies, languages, dresses and are less hesitating in accepting new ideas. Now, we celebrate Valentines Day, Fathers day, Mothers day, friendship day, world AIDS day and even Christmas day to share the happy moments of our Christians friends. Today, we do not consider sect, religion, race and origin during the HR recruitment at different offices, companies and government organizations. On our education side, we have started offering those courses in our universities which were either considered against our religion or were considered useless. The vision HEC has got to raise our educational standards is up to the mark and the way by which foreign universities are planning to start their academics in Pakistan is an achievement which really deserves applause.

Despite of that, some of our people are still considering this ‘Enlightment’ as an attack on Islam and our moral values. Three attacks on our President, one on our former PM, attack on American consulate, attack on Chinese engineers, Karsaz tragedy, daily suicide attacks on the security forces in northern areas, various suicide attacks on GHQ, assassination of Benazir Bhutto are just few of the events which clearly shows the hatred of some group of people against government and its American supported policies. I personally called this era a ‘Transition Phase’ for all of us and the amazing part is that all developed nations have suffered these kinds of problems during their transition phases. Usually when governments start implementing modern policies, these kinds of incidents happens because it takes a lot of time for human brain to accept latest ideas and trends. Moreover it is not easy to leave your old ways and traditions; it surely takes a good amount of time.

However, the concept of ‘Enlightened Moderation’ remains the same because this is the correct way for us to tackle these extreme situations. We need a balance because there are two extremes which are destroying us, one is Islamic extremism while the other is increasing vulgarity on the basis of ‘be open minded’ and ‘be practical’ phrases. Unfortunately, we haven’t yet discovered the mid way, we went for everything either in minus or in plus, we don’t have both plus minus together in our dictionaries. In short, extremism in anything (in fact in love also) is a destructive thing and we must put all our efforts and energies to preach the correct, moderate and peace loving teachings of Islam and must continue helping Pakistan to pass through this critical ‘Transition Phase’.

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  1. a true articale and agood discription of Pervaiz musrraf sologan

    Enlightened Moderation’; the real teaching of Islam.

    it is fact and iam 100 percent agree
    thanx rameez kahn

  2. And as we lie beneath the stars
    We realize how small we are
    If they could love like you and me
    Imagine what the world could be

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