Entries for the Talking Textures 2006-2007

Hello all,
Since Talking Textures is a Students magazine and I think (hope) most of the readers do include students, so without further ado here are some of the features I hope you students will contribute to:

1) The Dhaaba’s near Tip
Need some people to share their best moments at the Dhaba’s with pics and comments.

2) TIP Geographic
Pictures of Natural beauty around the campus (I don’t mean Girls!! I mean Insects, flowers and stuff!!) 😛

3) Hostel Life
Share your hostel stories! What you did, what others did, what others made you do 😉 It’s all good! Pictures would be nice!

3) Funny Stories
Give us a real or really funny made up story and we’ll make it into a cartoon or a comic strip!

That’s all for now, will be posting some more. So help out where you guys can! You can send your entries to:

Mohammed Ali Hakeem: mohammedalihakeem@gmail.com
Arsalan Ahmad: arsalan_madmania@hotmail.com
Furhan Hussain: furhan.hussain@gmail.com

61 Replies to “Entries for the Talking Textures 2006-2007”

  1. hey nida… :)… thanx for showing some concern after….. a while….. 😀
    … but… things at the finance end have been sorted out…. so now…. its really not that far away now…..:P

  2. yeay!
    oh btw, the confidant young pakistani women couldn’t give less of a damn whether you ‘love em’. even if shes big, blonde and blue, the average male doesnt deserve her.

  3. That’d be a little difficult given the circumstances, that we’re already short to print let alone going for a LAUNCHING CEREMONY!!

  4. By the way Hira are you so sure, that the man doesn’t deserve the woman, or is it the other way around? 😛

  5. Some Industry related topics:

    -Organic Cotton (International Market has gained quiet an interest in Organic Denim)

    -The mechanism of Ball Warping

    -The mechanism of Rope Dyeing

    -All about Stiffness Testing

    – Heim Textil Germany- 2007

    – Degree Show – 2007

    Request the TIP teachers and some experienced Texperts to write industry researched based articles.

  6. Will be sure to include one of these topics….

    Thanks for taking an Active Interest Aisha Baji!


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