Eqbal Ahmad Tribute: Wit and Humour in Colonial India

As a tribute to Eqbal Ahmad (former chancellor of TIP), a lecture has been arranged in Arts Council of Pakistan on Tuesday, 20 May 2008. Professor Mushirul Hasan will deliver this lecture titled “Wit and Humour in Colonial India.” Professor Mushirul Hasan is an historian and present Vice-Chancellor of Jamia Millia Islamia University at New Delhi.

For more on Eqbal Ahmad and his special connection to TIP, see our previous post, “Remembering Eqbal Ahmad.” An excerpt follows:

For more on Eqbal Ahmad, see Khuldunia On-line, a collection of Eqbal Ahmad’s writings and tributes to the man, and Eqbal Ahmad: Cherishing his Courage, a website supported by his family, and a comprehensive (as usual) piece on 3 Quark’s Daily, Monday Musing: Eqbal Ahmad. Eqbal Ahmad was a professor at the Hampshire College, which commemorate him with a yearly Distinguished Eqbal Ahmad Lecture series wth speakers such as Noam Chomsky and Kofi Annan — the 9th edition will be held this year. And finally, post by Beena Sarwar, Remembering Eqbal Ahmad on All Things Pakistan.