Evening With Imran Khan

Social welfare, law & order and economical justice were the highlights of the talk with Imran Khan over Youth & Nation Building on the 16th of this month at Marriott.

Seriously speaking, this man hasn’t lost the charisma, charm and valor he gained since 1992 and I was so lost when I saw him in live that I had to ask my friend to pinch me just in case I wasn’t dreaming 😛

Imran Khan is a person who believes in a change and more than that he deeply believes that the youth of this country is the only tool through which society could flourish and could imagine a hopeful tomorrow in this bleak situation of today’s.

It’s all about thinking idealistically and passionately for our country not realistically, coz realism will make you fall back to the ground in the mere fight over logic and reason. His point was simple, just have a dream, dream big and never stop, never stop yourself in fear of losing all, overcome your fear or else you will always regret.

Fear is the ultimate destructive element of all your dreams!

One Reply to “Evening With Imran Khan”

  1. he could make himslef a great elader if he tries out off his gullible and brash attitude, he must iluminate his charisma with neurotic political sane rather than being an insolent defiant attributing unjust falsified accusations to others in public, i personally felt of him as an emerging identity for youth but in his speach at kasbit he really showed his political ailment. God save the next Mrs khan:)

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