Featuring Sajjad!

daveme.gifSo this kid wanted his name in Quack! He asked for it. Yes he did. So that’s what we’re doing. The kid wants to be famous. He thinks having his name on Quack!, will make him famous. Yes yes Sajjad from TS1-something. We don’t know the section Why would we know the section he never told us. All he wanted was his name. These new kids. They’re not even new anymore! Damn, it’s been almost two decades.

Come on man! There are better things to write about. There’s so much happening. But no! No one’s going to come up and write anything. Instead, this kid! He has the GLOBEs (to explain the magnitude) to come up and ask me to write his name on Quack!

Ok there’s not much more I can write here. I think two paragraphs of Quack! Are enough to make someone reasonably famous.

Writers usually get more fame. You hear that Sajjad! Anyone else wants their name on Quack!? Huh?

Image source: David Simmer II’s

21 Replies to “Featuring Sajjad!”

  1. Well……sajjad…gud work….if u want ur name on quack…do write something yaar….!!!!

    dont just try 3 be famous like this…..

  2. This is the same guy who in presentation of Shamim Noorani said President of Sri Lanka was Bandra Gandhi and Ms Shamim Noorani was so flushed at it one could see her veins oozing out.
    He is a nice cute guy anyway.We love you SAJJAD.

  3. Yar Asim BHai this is So funny[:)] i mean i ws ntot serious nd i even thout k ur also not serious n u did it!its Awsome.Lolzzzzz.I’ll b giving u sum of my stuff soon…..Cheers

  4. hey…. i want my name up on quack tooo…. :p……
    oh oh oh…. time for some exploitation…..
    @ TS3 well there aint any girlies in ur class so ur obviously a boy…….so cud u explain what u mean by… “He is a nice cute guy anyway.We love you SAJJAD”……. :p

  5. We’re glad you think so Hira. 🙂

    To be honest, this cute little piece is attracting a lot of attention from the first years. I think we need to feature more of them in future if we are to get them involved.

  6. Well guys i m not in tip but my cute sweeet frd is so i’ve go2 tell ol of ya HEz one of the sweetest guys i’ve ever met nd he is jsut 2 good[:D].Muah!

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