FEELS LIKE HELL – Rabbiya Abdullah

All the signs seem to be present; Destruction. Corruption. Dishonesty. Adulteration. Signs that tell us that the end is near. Maybe it is because of our own deeds that God is punishing us.
Or maybe we are living a life that feels like a punishment because of the deeds of others.

Our country hasn’t progressed not because after the partition we weren’t given our share of finances or because all the educated professionals who wanted to migrate were stopped. It is because we are lazy. And have a tendency to be quitters.

The sad truth is that we have become used to being treated like this. We have accepted this as our fate and have, not lost, but given up or sold our voice. For most people in Pakistan every day is a fight for survival. Some survive, Some don’t. We have given up trying to fight for our rights because it is either rights or roti.

But the time to stand up for ourselves is here. Our nation needs to unite and fight against the force destroying us. Nature? No. Our government.
Within a few days a 21 year old will officially be made chairman of the party running our country. Am I the only one who thinks that passing down a seat to an inexperienced individual regardless of his surname is highly absurd?

Does this family really deserve to rule us?
They did increase the basic pay of all government officials by 10%. But the taxes are now four times more than they were last year, so I think not. Those who were paying 1500 rps before will now be paying 6000 rps. So the increased pay will either be spent here, or on sugar which is now ten rupees more than what it was last month.

The deadly floods that hit different areas of Pakistan have killed eight hundred men this past week and affected one million in north-west Pakistan. All of Pakhtunkhwa, most of Punjab, Sindh and Baluchistan have been affected greatly because of the weather. The questions that usually go unanswered are that, why was the rescue mission started three days after the first flood? Why are the survivors not being provided the basic necessities that they were promised at the time of the evacuation? Where have the funds we have been receiving from world over been going and Where is the captain of this sinking ship?
Well at least we have answers to a few of these questions. Obviously our president felt that at this crucial time for Pakistan, his private trip to London was way more necessary, on which millions were spent.
However now we know where the taxes and the funds that we received from world over for the flood victims are being spent.
The irony of the situation is that he went to London to be with his family and those in Pakistan who would like to travel to their families can not do so because conveniently three major train services have been shut down by the government as they were going into loss. How does the only mode of transportation that the general public uses to travel, go into loss? When the profit goes to fund private trips. Why don’t we ask for justice and equal rights? Because we don’t want justice anymore, we just want to live a safe life that only silence offers.

We have become incapable of thinking because the media, which is being controlled by the bourgeoisie, brainwashes us each time we do. Or creates panic by introducing bird flu, mad cow disease or the swine flu. Its time we speak up, together. United we stand, divided we fall.

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  1. great questions provoked rabbiya…….
    but what exactly are we, a nation that is too lazy regardless of knowing the truth or are we just blindfolded and unaware about the reality and believe everything whtsoever comes our way?

  2. miss rabiya first look at urself! ur article is just show off i-care kindof thng! we all know how much u and the morons around u care about this country and the sufferrings of the people! infact each of u is a zardari himself!!

  3. dear mr rebellion
    i think you should stop wasting your time and prove that you are different from miss rabiya. its easy to claim that you are but if you really want to prove her wrong then you have to show how you have made a difference. otherwise you can go on being like way all losers like you are, jinko bakwas karnay ka buhat shook hai par zindagi main doosroon ko ghlat sabit karnay kay siwa koi kaam nahi kiya. atleast miss rabiya has taken an initiative and koshish karti hai kay halaat baldlain.

  4. this is what i love ! one person tries to provoke a brilliant thought and another would come by and drag him down ! pakaa pakistani pana !
    we are simply brain dead ! we don’t think as a nation but as individuals ! “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

    good piece of writing rabbiya ~

  5. I have been using Quack for an year almost and till today I have not seen people using their real names. They should at least have the courtesy to mention their names, so that we can know where the point of view is coming from. Anyway, as far as I remember Ms.Rabbiyah Abdullah is a member of T-spectrum which is trying to educate the children of Textile Institute of Pakistan’s security guards and other workers who can not go to schools due to lack of facilities and funds. Sometimes it is good to broaden the perception and see beyond conscious iceberg. Instead of helping her team we criticize her. So please before you jump into any conclusions, do your homework fully and please this is a request to all the anonymous people, use your real names. Thank you.

  6. @ DD, Hina, SI: first of all people i do stuff instead of marketing what i do.. i didnt mention my name as i want to avoid any kind of rift between myself and rabbiya,
    you guys dont get what i see. i see bunch of people who just try to be within theirselves, they just care about themselves and see other people around them not worthy even talking to! how can i buy this idea that ms rabiyya and co are working for less previleged and not marketing themselves as humanitarians and
    @ shakaib: i know its not shakaib that post these comments and whoever you are stop using shakaib’s name coz that’s lame. you can post these comments anonymously instead of fooling around with other names!!
    @DD: get a life ! if u thnk ke mein backwas kar raha hun that is fine but if you think that u ppl are doing a very good job , then u’d carry on doing that job instead posting these very stupid comment!
    @ hina: writing good thing doesnt makes you a saint! we all know about the ms rabbiya’s group and how selfish they are? yes i am pakistani and im proud of it and yes i admit pakistani are famous for critisizing rather than appreciating but i also knw that they are pakistani’s who just write good articles to market themselves as saints but inside they are selfish monsters! they dont give a damn about who are suffering. all they care about is wearing designer clothes, spending more in hangouts , stereotyping people like they are from slum and they themselves are the royalties! i hate to say this but the way i see it, im expressing it!!
    @ rabiyya : it is a very though provoking article. and i being a critique know that my comments will offend you big time.. but i ensure you if i get the slightest of feelings that the words ur putting in this page are mere realities, i ensure you i ll be appreciating u and even will follow u with ur campaign, but right now.. i see words that are lies!! to change or help others u need to change ur self!!

  7. calm down everybody…..let just stop pointing out to others who is good and who is not, and lets just focus on the subject matter of this article.
    We are a nation who have been suffering from corruption and tyrannical rule, let just be together for a cause and make a difference.

  8. dear mr rebellion. you see show offs trying to act like they care about the poor when you see rabia and her fellow t spectrum people and when i see you, i see a person who is hating the fact that he isnt talked to by rabia and her fellow t sppectrum people or given attention. looks like to me that you are insecure and dont have many friends and are taking that out by use this as an excuse. or that you arent as privilaged as them and are jealous or something. if you have so many things to say, and opinions why do you care about a rift with rabia? you have such a shallow opinion of her aik taraf and doosri taraf you are caring so much about her approval. if you have something to say why dont you say it with your real name? shakaib, amna, hina and i are trying to say that wther rabia is right or not, atleast she is trying. if she wanted she could sit and watch people suffer because it is not like she needs money or the attention which you have seen from the ‘designer clothes’ maybe she really is trying to bring a change and help those guards. you can call her a selfish monster but what are you? it is not about marketing your self like hina said it is about creating awareness and if you cant see beyond tht then that is sth sorry. i feel that you are regected by them and just want to be in their group and when you cant you have all this hatred. i am supporting rabia and her group because i see people wwho are trying wther they are good or bad and it is selfsih ppl like you who only think about themselves that pakistan is where it is. maybe it is because you are like this that she and her group dont talk to you. you can not judge someones character by how many people she talks to. if you dont like her then that should be your personal opinion why are you brigning that up here. jealousy and being rejected does that to you and that is what i see. hope you will reply soon to me because i am very interested in listenign to how low you can get

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