First Interactive & Argumentative Session

By the look of the posts being published on this forum, one could possibly believe that Textile Institute Entrepreneurial Society [TiES] is the sole actively functioning body in TIP. That is not entirely accurate. This forum can be used to publish absolutely anything regarding what is going on in our “beloved” university and the post can come from  a student belonging ANY discipline.

But in complete contradiction to what I wrote in the opening paragraph, this post is also about a session hosted by the TiES. Since the slot reserved for TISF stood unoccupied, team TiES decided to start this new trend of video screening sessions. Just like all other motives of this society, this session was also open to all. But no extra effort was put in advertising about it as this fun session was for those who actually came up and asked if TiES was up to something.

Anyways, from the vast collection of videos by renown motivational and inspirational speakers that was provided by the Vice President, Waqas Saad, the audience chose to watch the one named “Where Good Ideas Come From” by Steven Johnson…… mainly because it was animated.

But within its duration of a little more than 4 minutes, Steven Johnson narrated some valid facts on how great inventions like World Wide Web were not made overnight or in a matter of weeks. An idea is mostly held back by what he called “slow hunch” which basically meant that your ultimate plan or idea may take 1 or 2 or maybe even 10 to 15 years to develop. Also, a main idea may need to coalesce with smaller hunches and ideas to become a complete picture. For this to take ‘place’, coffee houses in the Enlightenment Era provided the perfect spot where people, or idea-holders as I call them, gathered in one place and shared their knowledge.

The video was followed by a post-video discussion in which the people who attended voiced their opinion about it and confessed that they actually did find it enlightening. To keep the momentum going, I decided to spark a casual argumentative session which proved to be a good decision in the end. The topic… the Current Education System in Pakistan. Not to my surprise, most of them were for the topic. Enthusiastic participation by people like Zara Ali, Zainab Abbas, Moiz Punjwani and Raveed Khan from the 1st year, the sophomores Owais Zaki and Sohaib Anjum and the VP Waqas Saad himself simply kept the spirit of the session alive.

It was no doubt a learning experience for everyone. This was surely just the first. TiES hopes to host at least one of these sessions every week. Let’s hope things happen according to plan :]

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