First successful event by the TISF

Seems like this year’s freshmen have brought a streak a good luck with them. On their second day, the TISF organized an event which included skits and musical perfomances that were enjoyed by the faculty and students alike.

Even though there was a slight delay at the beginning of the show, proceedings were quite smooth once things went underway. The comedy skit “Elementary Dating 150,” was once again a fabulous success and had the audience laughing despite the fact that most of them had seen the play before. This was followed by a couple of short skits and musical performances. The show ended with impromtu singing pereformances by some of the first year’s. Aadat with background guitaring by Khalid was particularly appreciated by the crowd.

After the show the freshmen were once again rounded in the cafeteria and invited centre stage to sing songs. By 3 o’ clock nearly half the students of the university were gathered in the cafeteria enjoying voluntary singing performances backed keyboards and guitars.

With such an event at the start of the semester we can expect better things to come up in future. Congratulations to all those who played a role in making this day a success.

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  1. i m one of the freshmen, i really enjoyed that event as well. on the very day i.e 31/8/2004 i came to know a liitle about the preparations of the event through seniors like Amaan of third year. because he is in the same route i.e 2. he told me that they prepared this event in a very short span of time. while taking these informations into consideration that event is the best.

  2. That’s true. Some of the performances that day were impromtu. Others were just finalized before the show. Infact you might have noticed that we were trying to make ammendments while we were on stage just minutes before the program started.

  3. hmmmmm nice yaar indeed but i want 2 know when will the debates will happen?
    n e such knowlegde about it?

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