For the Love of Freshmen Gala 2015

This article is a submission from Maryam Ali- a student of TDT .  This is the first article from Maryam, hope they will keep coming.

I have observed a few disturbing events that are quite repetitive and along similar lines since I joined TIP. To provide an example, upon the event of freshies gala, a video was played which showed how the current TISF won, but it was very one sided and only showed their side whereas ideal sportsmanship would include the efforts of the opposing team as well. TISF is for the whole student body and this kind of attitude could very well lead to rifts in the student body.

Another bothersome part of the event, that was going for quite some time even before the event, was that a few freshie girls were practicing for a dance performance on stage, but they backed off even though they wanted to give the performance, because a few seniors told them that it would be ‘disrespectful’ for girls to express themselves through a form of art i.e dance.

Alot of seniors talked to these girls all for different reasons, some just couldn’t digest the idea of girls giving a dance performance onstage, some were worried about the kind of “awam” TIP has and how people would look at them with no respect and call them things like “nachaniya” and even worse use terminologies such as “mujra” for a simple dance performance, frankly thinking as a junior who has to spend the next four years with these people AND then go to the same job industry as them, anyone would get scared and back off.

I find that extremely contradictory and unacceptable since you are studying in an institution that promotes art, and yet here you are suppressing art because it is ‘disrespectful’ and whatnot.

Such gender discrimination and sexism really shows how narrow minded and unfit you are to be living in such a modern age. With all due respect, I’d suggest everyone. With this mentality to go back to the 18th century or at least just leave TIP alone for Heaven’s sake and not turn it into just another place where women are discriminated against just because they are women.