Foreign Exchange Student…*rrrribbit*, and the story of a cockroach’s leg.


eeeeek!! Sirrrrrrrrr!! Dekheinnn yehan ek ajeeeeeeeeb sa, itnnnaaaa baraaaa sa KEERA hai!!!”, addressing the teacher, a diligent classmate screams at the top of her lungs, during an exciting eCommerce class in the computer lab!

Closer examination reveals that its none other than little Mr. Ribbit, another diligent, but this time, a foreign exchange student at TIP from a nearby Garden. But alas, rules are rules, and Mr. Ribbit has to be sent out of class for disrupting the class tempo. His classmate offers his services, and delivers him safely to a foliage bed ourside the cafeteria.

Later, the same day, one hears that a waiter at the cafeteria makes a grave mistake by mixing two different orders from differnt customers, and delivers the chaat obviously ordered by Mr. Ribbit, to a girl from first year design. The freaked out girl still cannot get over with the fact that she discovered a cockroach’s leg in her chaat after she had eaten half of it.


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