Fourth years.

My attempt,at a parting gift for our dearest fourth years. 

firstly, Apologies for inactivity,  as this semester has turned out to be busier than expected.

anyways, keep in mind that I’m not good at this at all. still here it goes.


Sitting under the tower that stands tall

Thinking about all that we have, after all

A place that took us in, made us who we are

Taught us how to survive, helped us get so far


All the smiles, the laughter and tearfall

All the miles we covered, God! it seems so small



Eating in that hall, that cold bland food

The hot burning weather, the screwed up moods

We ate, we booed n made fun of the fat Dudes

And the morons,the rude ones

those groups of lifeless prudes


The long lengthy lectures that no one wants to take

And endless library rules, that everyone has to break

The assignments and submissions that we needed to stall

Yeah we’d do them on time,

but would it be any fun at all? 


And that one face over there, which keeps the place going

takes you somewhere else, makes you smile without knowing

gives you a reason to bunk your classes

Until that’s gone, and your heart crashes

that too goes away, when you sit at that bench

and turn that pack of cigarettes , into ashes



now the time has come to fly, to the sky

so, for the tower and Lake

to the friends you made

to that cool, calm breeze, and with a heavy sigh

thankyou so much, and good bye.

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  1. thank god , umar saeed is no more the dean of TIP.

    He would have issued you a suspension letter for confessing many things in this

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